AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-12-17Properly mask genkernel-nextHEADmasterDane Smith
2014-12-13Add layout and update pmaskDane Smith
2014-12-13Add my version of genkernel-next which has support for LUKS headers.Dane Smith
2014-12-13Drop AMD licenseDane Smith
2014-12-13Drop ancient stuffDane Smith
2013-07-16Live ebuild for webscarabDane Smith
2013-05-13Add file.Dane Smith
2013-05-13RevbumpDane Smith
2013-05-13Allow time configuration.Dane Smith
2012-09-29go version bump for my testing.Dane Smith
2012-07-18Fix depends.Dane Smith
2012-07-18Rename postinst.Dane Smith
2012-07-18Fix deps. Add new version for testing.Dane Smith
2012-06-07drop unneded patch.Dane Smith
2012-06-06google-authenticator PAM module.Dane Smith
2012-06-05Drop sabnzbd.Dane Smith
2012-02-13Drop darktable. In Portage.Dane Smith
2012-02-03Update postinstall doc. Cleanup extra cruftDane Smith
2012-02-03SyntaxDane Smith
2012-02-03Cleanup files some and rearrange the install to make more sense.Dane Smith
2012-02-02Remove more unneeded files.Dane Smith
2012-02-01Fix dbsetup.Dane Smith
2012-02-01Small tweak to postinst,Dane Smith
2012-02-01Wrong filepathDane Smith
2012-02-01Proper Pluf path.Dane Smith
2012-02-01typo and proper dbsetupDane Smith
2012-02-01Use webapp postinstDane Smith
2012-02-01Don't run src_compileDane Smith
2012-02-01Add bootstrap and some helper scripts for install.Dane Smith
2012-02-01Drop useless files before install.Dane Smith
2012-02-01Update SDane Smith
2012-02-01ManifestDane Smith
2012-02-01Drop slot. handled by eclass.Dane Smith
2012-02-01Initial ebuild for indefero.Dane Smith
2012-02-01Found a way to get their download links to work. Correct versioningDane Smith
2012-02-01Rename. MMDDYYYYY.Dane Smith
2012-02-01Initial ebuild for pluf.Dane Smith
2011-11-05Loop-aes testing.Dane Smith
2011-07-19Fix missing icon for desktop entryDane Smith
2011-07-19Darktable initial commitDane Smith
2011-07-05Version bump for c1pher sources. Doesn't include tuxonice yet.Dane Smith
2011-07-01Fix manifestDane Smith
2011-07-01My version of calibreDane Smith
2011-05-25Cleaned up ebuilds.Dane Smith
2011-05-25Add missing depend.Dane Smith
2011-05-25Add missing files.Dane Smith
2011-05-25Add ini file.Dane Smith
2011-05-25Switch to EAPI3.Dane Smith
2011-05-25ManifestDane Smith
2011-05-25Initial version of yenc. Masked.Dane Smith