AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-07-16Change profile to a new base, needs to not be an arch.HEADmasterRobin H. Johnson
2014-07-15update copyright, bug 512604Pavlos Ratis
2014-03-17iter_read_bash moved to bash module.Alec Warner
2014-01-25Fix schema check for MySQLChristian Ruppert
2014-01-25Bump schema to add the arm64 archChristian Ruppert
2014-01-18Handle more arches.Robin H. Johnson
2013-12-20Change to https for google's jsapi.Alec Warner
2013-11-17Update copyright date per bug #350759.Robin H. Johnson
2013-04-14TypoChristian Ruppert
2013-04-14Remove unused code.Brian Harring
2013-04-12Bump Python versionChristian Ruppert
2012-12-30Return 404s instead of 500s for many error cases.Alec Warner
2012-12-30Change to GMT to meet RFC requirements and fix bug 430350Alec Warner
2012-10-02Don't prefix urls with a scheme if they already have a scheme.Alec Warner
2012-07-06Do not render an HTML search box (google will render one for us.)Alec Warner
2012-07-06Don't alert people when we run a search.Alec Warner
2012-05-20Change definition of exotic arches, and add cygwin prefix target.Robin H. Johnson
2012-01-19Handle URLs wrapped with quotes in changelog messages. The quotes are not par...Robin H. Johnson
2011-11-11Fix bugzilla statusesChristian Ruppert
2011-11-11Fix <herd> interpretation to not cause errorsChristian Ruppert
2011-07-08Fix typo.Robin H. Johnson
2011-07-08CSE API seems annoying.Robin H. Johnson
2011-07-08More CSE debug.Robin H. Johnson
2011-07-08Fix typo.Robin H. Johnson
2011-07-08Debugging.Robin H. Johnson
2011-07-08Even more CSE.Robin H. Johnson
2011-07-08More CSE UI.Robin H. Johnson
2011-07-08Change Google CSE to redirect to a google page like it used to.Robin H. Johnson
2011-07-08Update Google custom search code.Robin H. Johnson
2011-07-08Update Google webmaster verification code so we can control GoogleBot rate.Robin H. Johnson
2011-07-08Improve version detection code.Robin H. Johnson
2010-04-04CherryPy 3.1 requires that engine.start is NOT called anymore for mod_python ...Robin H. Johnson
2010-04-03No news spew.Robin H. Johnson
2010-04-03CONFIG_ROOT changed to PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT in new setups.Robin H. Johnson
2010-04-03Update the make.globals from newer Portage.Robin H. Johnson
2010-03-08Fix fetch bug.Robin H. Johnson
2010-03-08Bug #283077: start on using Manifests to detect changes.Robin H. Johnson
2010-03-08Final fix to parser.Robin H. Johnson
2010-03-08More author match.Robin H. Johnson
2010-03-08Try to improve author matching.Robin H. Johnson
2010-03-082010 is a valid year.Robin H. Johnson
2010-03-08Bug #295336: rel=nofollow on homepage links.Robin H. Johnson
2010-03-08Add John to AUTHORS.Robin H. Johnson
2010-03-08Mention in the config file that sqlite support is currently broken.John Klehm
2010-03-08Add fixing sqlite support to the todo list. Queries have to avoid use fof rig...John Klehm
2010-03-08Give a template for CHOST value in the example file. pkgcore needs this.John Klehm
2010-03-08Manuel Schoelling's form based google site search box.John Klehm
2010-01-26Use system snakeoil now.Robin H. Johnson
2010-01-26ferringb found a workaround.Robin H. Johnson
2010-01-24Fix symlink for removal.Robin H. Johnson