AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-08-22create a parent node if there's no parent node exists and MAVEN_PARENT_UNIQUE...kasunKasun Gajasinghe
2011-08-22More comments to maven-helper.pyKasun Gajasinghe
2011-08-09add gentoo super pom as the parent if the current pom doesn't specify one. th...Kasun Gajasinghe
2011-08-06maven pom's parent-element rewrite - bug fixes and indentation fixes.Kasun Gajasinghe
2011-08-06brought the parent element rewriting code to a separate function. Added anoth...Kasun Gajasinghe
2011-08-06added maven pom's <parent> tag rewriter. Three options to control it: --pgrou...Kasun Gajasinghe
2011-08-061.6 too is a valid source now. Added a newline for each <dependency> tag for ...Kasun Gajasinghe
2011-07-11Improved pom rewrite feature in plugin rewriting. fixed bugs in Gajasinghe
2011-06-19fixed an issue in It fails when the maven-compiler-plugin has a ...Kasun Gajasinghe
2011-02-13Complete the previous patch, actually remove the missing import.HEADmasterVlastimil Babka
2011-02-13Remove usage of PrettyPrint from pyxml, bug #354421. Thanks to Rafał Mużył...Vlastimil Babka
2009-03-07Add patch for python-2.6 from bug #239479.Petteri Räty
2008-07-05Adding preliminarily, ruff, sucky and generally unfinished first draft of ecl...Alistair Bush
2008-06-21Add MANIFEST files and updated Changelog0.3.0Alistair Bush
2008-06-21Add make-release helper scriptAlistair Bush
2008-06-21Add ChangelogAlistair Bush
2008-06-19javatoolkit NEWS.James Le Cuirot
2008-06-17Forgot about xjavac tags.James Le Cuirot
2008-06-17New approach to rewriting the classpath. The previous one didn't work very well.James Le Cuirot
2008-06-17These tabs got left behind.James Le Cuirot
2008-06-16Merge ali_bush's layout_refactor_branch back to trunk with some changes.James Le Cuirot
2008-06-15New jarjarclean utility.James Le Cuirot
2008-06-14Mark buildparser as executable.James Le Cuirot
2008-06-14Fix bugs caused by layout changes.Alistair Bush
2008-06-08Option to wrap when returning singular values.James Le Cuirot
2008-06-08Don't wrap inside quotes.James Le Cuirot
2008-06-08Allow addition of new keys.James Le Cuirot
2008-06-06In-place editing for buildparser.James Le Cuirot
2008-04-20Add encoding for javadoc and reorganize logic.Petteri Räty
2008-03-25Add a cElementTree based build.xml rewriter.Petteri Räty
2008-01-05Modified headers and added vim modeline.Alistair Bush
2008-01-05Moving old projects into obsolete directory. Will delete before merge.Alistair Bush
2008-01-05Added AUTHORS to man AUTHORS file, started removing redundant files and updat...Alistair Bush
2008-01-03Adding bin file to setup.pyAlistair Bush
2008-01-03Finalise, update class-version-verifyAlistair Bush
2008-01-03Started and migrated more tools.Alistair Bush
2007-12-31Refactored code of active sub-projects into new file structure. Currently mis...Alistair Bush
2007-12-31Branch trunk to allow project layout to be changed.Alistair Bush
2007-12-31Reversing refactor of maven-helper. Work now to be done in branch.Alistair Bush
2007-11-28Committing refactor of maven-helper before updating the layout of the javatoo...Alistair Bush
2007-11-03updating makefile for new version of javatoolkitMathieu Pasquet
2007-06-14bsfix classpath rewriting improved + maven helper rewriting improvmentMathieu Pasquet
2007-06-13add rewrite featureMathieu Pasquet
2007-05-20reverting xml-rewrite-2 to initial stateMathieu Pasquet
2007-05-20xml-rewrite new version: xml-rewrite-3.Mathieu Pasquet
2007-05-20minor changes to maven helper, also renamed itMathieu Pasquet
2007-05-20New version of xml rewrite, yet another time rewrittenMathieu Pasquet
2007-05-11kiorky: packaging maven toolkitMathieu Pasquet
2007-05-11kiorky: packaging maven toolkitMathieu Pasquet
2007-05-11kiorky: packaging maven toolkitMathieu Pasquet