BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.1.7Merge PKG_BINARY_MERGE color changes from master.Zac Medico5 years
2.1.9_LockProcess: fix _poll returncodeZac Medico4 years
funtoo3git sync: use --depth 1 to reduce download sizeMichał Górny3 months
mastermain/emaint.1: Add entry about the merges modulePavel Kazakov2 days
multilibMerge tag 'v2.2.15' into multilibThomas Sachau3 months
plugin-syncportage/sync/ Wrap variables with _unicode_decode for writemsg_...Brian Dolbec3 months replace with dns poolFabian Groffen4 months
public_apiMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// into ...Brian Dolbec11 months
repomanrepoman/ Update dependency.perlcore error to us qatrackerBrian Dolbec3 months
repoman-message-refactorRepoman check code cleanupChris Reffett13 months
v2.2.17commit fc0567d794...Brian Dolbec3 weeks
v2.2.16commit 5303974349...Brian Dolbec3 weeks
v2.2.15commit fd5214913b...Brian Dolbec3 months
v2.2.14commit e8efa11144...Brian Dolbec4 months
master1commit 02ed485976...Brian Dolbec5 months
v2.2.14_rc1commit 0f245b5f6d...Michał Górny5 months
v2.2.13commit 1a97abbed2...Brian Dolbec5 months
v2.2.12commit fd81edffb6...Brian Dolbec7 months
v2.2.11commit 9351edad48...Brian Dolbec7 months
v2.2.10commit a2b43472c6...Sebastian Luther11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysmain/emaint.1: Add entry about the merges moduleHEADmasterPavel Kazakov
5 daysDo not interrupt on SIGCONTBertrand SIMONNET
5 daysman: fix bold style with man page sectionsMike Frysinger
6 fix missing localization import (bug 541302)Zac Medico
6 daysuse_reduce: support non-string token_class (bug 541198)Zac Medico
7 daysman/portage.5: document sets.conf (bug 541188)Zac Medico
9 daysrepoman: skip vcs calls for manifest modes (bug 540882)Zac Medico
9 daysemaint merges: Fix call to emergePavel Kazakov
12 daysemerge(1): use (...) for parenthetical asidesMike Frysinger
13 daysbinarytree: avoid unecessary index regenerationZac Medico