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portage.5: note more bashrc caveats, bug #409627
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@@ -730,7 +730,10 @@ masters =
In this directory additional package\-specific bashrc files can be created.
Note that if package\-specific environment variable settings are all that's
needed, then \fB/etc/portage/package.env\fR should be used instead of the
-bashrc approach that is described here.
+bashrc approach that is described here. Also note that special variables
+such as \fBFEATURES\fR and \fBINSTALL_MASK\fR will not produce the intended
+results if they are set in bashrc, and therefore
+\fB/etc/portage/package.env\fR should be used instead.
set_unless_changed and unset_unless_changed functions can be used to set or
unset given variables only if these variable have not been set to values