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authorAlexander Berntsen2013-08-11 23:04:06 (GMT)
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man/portage.5: Add notes about order, bug #388781
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diff --git a/man/portage.5 b/man/portage.5
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--- a/man/portage.5
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@@ -679,7 +679,9 @@ single package.
.BR package.env
Per\-package environment variable settings. Entries refer to
environment files that are placed in the \fB/etc/portage/env/\fR
-directory and have the same format as \fBmake.conf\fR(5).
+directory and have the same format as \fBmake.conf\fR(5). Note that these
+files are interpreted much earlier than the package specific bashrc files in
.I Format:
@@ -935,7 +937,9 @@ needed, then \fB/etc/portage/package.env\fR should be used instead of the
bashrc approach that is described here. Also note that special variables
such as \fBFEATURES\fR and \fBINSTALL_MASK\fR will not produce the intended
results if they are set in bashrc, and therefore
-\fB/etc/portage/package.env\fR should be used instead.
+\fB/etc/portage/package.env\fR should be used instead. Lastly, note that these
+files are interpreted much later than the portage enviroment file
Portage will source all of these bashrc files after \fB/etc/portage/bashrc\fR
in the following order: