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+GLEP: 9999
+Title: Community Relations Team's Role and Purpose
+Author: William Hubbs <>
+Type: Standards Track
+Status: Draft
+Version: 1
+Created: 2020-02-17
+Last-Modified: 2020-02-17
+Content-Type: text/x-rst
+This GLEP outlines the abilities and purpose of the Community Relations team
+for Gentoo.
+For years Gentoo has had a Community Relations team which assists with
+inter-developer and developer-user conflict resolution.
+This GLEP provides the formal structure for this team and specifies the
+roles the team fulfills.
+The Community Relations team should be given certain abilities which it
+can use to assist in solving non-technical conflicts between our developers
+and users in a fair and impartial manor. These abilities include
+mediation and disciplinary actions.
+* The purpose of the Community Relations team is to assist with
+ resolving inter-developer and developer-user conflicts by mediation,
+ or disciplinary actions if necessary.
+* The team is directed by a lead, chosen yearly by private or
+ public election among the members, and confirmed by the council.
+* The lead's term expires one year after confirmation.
+ * If the lead's position is vacant at any point during the term, the
+ council may appoint an interim lead.
+* The lead must approve developers who would like to join the project.
+ Because of the nature of Community Relations, it is important that
+ applicants are respectful in how they handle themselves in the
+ community. By accepting the applicant the lead will accept the
+ responsibility to direct them as part of the team and will be held
+ responsible for any action they take on behalf of the team.
+* To keep the distribution healthy, no Community Relations team member
+ may serve on the council, QA Team, or as a proctor.
+* In the case of disagreement among members regarding an action, the
+ majority of members must agree with the action.
+* Because of the nature of this work, it is important for the community
+ relations team to respond within a reasonable amount of time when
+ someone reaches out to them. If a contact isn't responded to within
+ 72 hours, the council may be notified. At that point, someone on the
+ council will attempt to discover why the team isn't responding and
+ give the person an update.
+* If Community Relations decides that no action will be taken on an
+ incident, the appropriate response is to close the incident and
+ explain why no action will be taken. This may be appealed to the
+ council by the person who filed the original complaint if they do not
+ understand the reason the complaint was closed.
+* Anyone who is subject to a disciplinary action by Community Relations
+ may appeal to the council. If this happens, the council will look over the
+ complaint and make its own decision. If the council's decision is
+ different from the Community Relations decision, the council's
+ decision will be respected.
+Monthly Reporting
+Due to its nature, most of Community Relations work is private. This is
+important to protect the identities of the users and developers
+involved. However, it means that the rest of the community does not
+have a way to gauge the activities of Community Relations.
+To resolve this issue, the lead will be required to report the following
+monthly to the gentoo-project mailing list:
+ * number of new mediation requests
+ * number of mediation requests in process
+ * number of resolved mediation requests
+* number of new complaints
+* number of complaints resolved with communication or disciplinary action
+ * number of complaints resolved with no action.
+* number of complaints in process
+ * number of withdrawn complaints
+If this information is not reported for three consecutive months, the
+lead will be replaced.
+Backwards Compatibility
+Not a problem for this GLEP.
+This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
+Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit