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glep-0067: Add proxied="" attribute to distinguish proxied maints
Introduce an additional proxied="" attribute to make it possible to explicitly distinguish proxied maintainers from regular maintainers. This is supposed to resolve false positives in the QA check responsible for detecting leftover proxy-maint project usage. Currently it wrongly assumes that all Gentoo devs (as in people with have direct push access and therefore don't need a proxy. Signed-off-by: Michał Górny <>
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@@ -4,10 +4,10 @@ Title: Package maintenance structure
Author: Michał Górny <>
Type: Standards Track
Status: Final
-Version: 1
+Version: 1.1
Created: 2015-12-13
-Last-Modified: 2016-01-13
-Post-History: 2015-11-03, 2016-05-29
+Last-Modified: 2021-02-28
+Post-History: 2015-11-03, 2016-05-29, 2021-02-28
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@@ -23,6 +23,13 @@ Maintainer listings in ``metadata.xml`` become uniform, and can be used
directly to assign bugs.
+Change log
+ Added the ``proxied`` attribute to the package ``<maintainer/>``.
@@ -144,19 +151,35 @@ of the ``<maintainer/>`` element. The e-mail address, human-readable name
and maintenance description are placed in ``<email/>``, ``<name/>``
and ``<description/>`` sub-elements appropriately.
+Optionally, a ``proxied`` attribute can be specified having one
+of the three possible values:
+- ``yes`` indicating that the maintainer is a proxied maintainer
+ (i.e. is unable to push changes directly)
+- ``no`` indicating that the maintainer is a real maintainer (i.e. can
+ push changes directly)
+- ``proxy`` indicating that the listed developer is serving only
+ as a proxy for other maintainers
+If the attribute is not specified, the default value of ``no``
+is assumed. If at least one maintainer is listed as a proxied
+maintainer (``proxied="yes"``), then at least one other maintainer
+should be listed as a proxy (``proxied="proxy"``), and vice versa.
.. code:: xml
- <maintainer type="person">
+ <maintainer type="person" proxied="yes">
<name>Foo Barsky</name>
- <description>Proxied maintainer</description>
<maintainer type="person">
<name>Example Developer</name>
- <maintainer type="project">
+ <maintainer type="project" proxied="proxy">
@@ -428,6 +451,24 @@ maintainers can add themselves to ``metadata.xml`` in a single commit to
the repository. If external database was used, the database would have to be
updated in addition to the repository commit.
+Proxied maintainers
+As of version 1.1, an additional ``proxied`` attribute has been added
+to the ``<maintainer/>`` element for package maintainers. This is used
+to explicitly distinguish regular developers, proxied maintainers
+and proxies.
+The primary purpose is to resolve false positives in the QA report used
+to report leftover proxy-maint project instances, as well as improve
+detection of maintainers without a proxy. Currently, these checks
+unconditionally assume that all Gentoo developers have commit access,
+and everyone else is a proxied maintainer. This does not account for
+developers without commit access that maintain packages via a proxy.
+The property is added as a separate attribute in order to ensure
+backwards compatibility.
Backwards Compatibility