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glep-0075: Clarify conversion into hexadecimal notation.
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Created: 2018-01-26
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@@ -114,13 +114,13 @@ The exact algorithm for determining the distfile location follows:
3. For each integer **C** in cutoff list:
- a. Take **C** most significant bits of **H** and store them as **V**.
+ a. Remove the **C** most significant bits from **H** and store them
+ as **V**.
- b. Convert **V** into hexadecimal integer, left padded with zeros
- to **C/4** digits (rounded up) and append it to the path, followed
- by the path separator.
- c. Shift **H** left **C** bits.
+ b. Convert **V** into hexadecimal notation (digits ``0`` to ``9``
+ and lowercase letters ``a`` to ``f``), left padded with zeros
+ to **C/4** digits (rounded up), and append it to the path,
+ followed by the path separator.
4. Finally, append **F** to the obtained path.