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Author: Mark Loeser <>
Type: Standards Track
Status: Final
-Version: 2
+Version: 2.1
Created: 2006-04-24
-Last-Modified: 2014-01-25
-Post-History: 2006-04-24, 2006-09-05, 2011-06-08
+Last-Modified: 2019-05-13
+Post-History: 2006-04-24, 2006-09-05, 2011-06-08, 2019-04-12
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made by the council.
* Just because a particular QA violation has yet to cause an issue does not
change the fact that it is still a QA violation.
-* If a particular developer persistently causes breakage, the QA team
- may request that Comrel re-evaluates that developer's commit rights.
- Evidence of past breakages will be presented with this request to Comrel.
+* If a particular developer persistently causes QA violations (actions that
+ negatively impact the behavior of Gentoo systems, work of other developers
+ or infrastructure facilities), the QA team may issue a temporary revocation
+ of developer's commit access (ban), up to 14 days. In case of repeated
+ offenses, the QA team may request that ComRel re-evaluate the commit access.
+ All the evidence of the violation, as well as ban length will be evaluated
+ and voted on by the QA team for each case individually.
* The QA team will maintain a list of current "QA Standards" with explanations
as to why they are problems, and how to fix the problem. The list is not
meant by any means to be a comprehensive document, but rather a dynamic