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+# This file is deprecated as per GLEP 56 in favor of metadata.xml. Please add
+# your descriptions to your package's metadata.xml ONLY.
+# * generated automatically using egencache *
+dev-libs/starpu:cuda - Enable NVIDIA CUDA toolkit support
+dev-libs/starpu:gcc-plugin - Enable GCC extension plugin (experimental)
+dev-libs/starpu:opencl - Enable OpenCL support
+net-fs/cvmfs:aufs - Use AUFS instead of OverlayFS for the server
+net-fs/cvmfs:server - Install the CVMFS server (needs apache and OverlayFS)
+net-fs/cvmfs:test-programs - Install unit test programs
+sci-astronomy/wcslib:fits - Enable support for the FITS format through sci-libs/cfitsio
+sci-astronomy/wcslib:pgplot - Builds PGBSOX routines, needs sci-libs/pgplot library
+sci-libs/armadillo:arpack - Link with sci-libs/arpack libraries for eigen decomposition
+sci-libs/armadillo:atlas - Link with sci-libs/atlas libraries for cblas and clapack
+sci-libs/armadillo:mkl - Use matrix allocation from the Intel MKL sci-libs/mkl
+sci-libs/armadillo:superlu - Use SuperLU for sparse linear equation solving sci-libs/superlu
+sci-libs/armadillo:tbb - Use matrix allocation from the Threads Building Blocks dev-cpp/tbb
+sci-libs/ceres-solver:c++11 - Use C++11 compiler features instead of internal ones
+sci-libs/ceres-solver:cxsparse - Enable simple support for sparse matrix algebra from sci-libs/cxsparse with no LAPACK dependencies
+sci-libs/ceres-solver:gflags - Use dev-cpp/gflags for flag parsing
+sci-libs/ceres-solver:protobuf - Use dev-libs/protobuf to encode structured data
+sci-libs/ceres-solver:schur - Enable fixed-size schur specializations (disable if binary size is an issue)
+sci-libs/ceres-solver:sparse - Enable support for sparse matrix algebra with various packages from SuiteSparse instead of Eigen Sparse
+sci-libs/cfitsio:tools - Build execs fpack, funpack, imcopy, fitscopy, listhead
+sci-libs/gdal:armadillo - Use sci-libs/armadillo for faster TPS transform computation
+sci-libs/gdal:aux_xml - Enable Portable Auxilliary Metadata generation
+sci-libs/gdal:fits - Enable support for NASA's sci-libs/cfitsio library
+sci-libs/gdal:geos - Add support for geometry engine (sci-libs/geos)
+sci-libs/gdal:gml - Enable support for dev-libs/xerces-c C++ API
+sci-libs/gdal:hdf5 - Add support for the Hierarchical Data Format v5 (sci-libs/hdf5)
+sci-libs/gdal:mdb - Enable support for Microsoft Access database
+sci-libs/gdal:ogdi - Enable support for the open geographic datastore interface (sci-libs/ogdi)
+sci-libs/gdal:opencl - Enable OpenCL support
+sci-libs/gdal:spatialite - Enable Spatial DBMS over sqlite dev-db/spatialite
+sci-libs/gdal:xls - Add the dev-libs/freexl library for xls import support
+sci-libs/netcdf:dap - Support for remote data access with the built-in OPeNDAP client
+sci-libs/netcdf:hdf - Add support for the Hierarchical Data Format v.4 sci-libs/hdf
+sci-libs/netcdf:tools - Build the utilities nccopy, ncgen and ncdump
+sci-libs/vtk:R - Enable support for dev-lang/R
+sci-libs/vtk:all-modules - Build all modules
+sci-libs/vtk:boost - Add support for boost
+sci-libs/vtk:cg - Use nvidia's cg shaders
+sci-libs/vtk:gdal - Support for gdal formated data
+sci-libs/vtk:imaging - Building Imaging modules
+sci-libs/vtk:json - Support for json formated data
+sci-libs/vtk:kaapi - Use sci-libs/xkaapi to handle smp support
+sci-libs/vtk:offscreen - Offscreen rendering through OSMesa
+sci-libs/vtk:rendering - Building Redering modules
+sci-libs/vtk:tbb - Use dev-cpp/tbb to handle smp support
+sci-libs/vtk:views - Building Views modules
+sci-libs/vtk:web - Install web component
+sci-libs/vtk:xdmf2 - Support for xdmf2 formated data