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* Remove $Id$ header per counsil decisionAndrew Savchenko2017-03-011-1/+0
* app-doc/clsync-docs: sync with treeAndrew Savchenko2016-05-014-47/+14
* {clsync,clsync-docs,libclsync}-0.4.1 are in the tree nowAndrew Savchenko2015-05-253-4/+4
* clsync-docs: 0.4.1 version bumpAndrew Savchenko2015-05-195-6/+29
* clsync-docs: keep live version, releases are in the treeAndrew Savchenko2015-02-115-46/+47
* Fix for live buildsAndrew Savchenko2015-01-283-5/+7
* Remove empty variables. Set proper source directory.Andrew Savchenko2015-01-273-9/+11
* clsync-docs: version bumpAndrew Savchenko2015-01-274-63/+53
* clsync family updateAndrew Savchenko2014-06-074-0/+83
* Packages are pushed to the science overlay.Andrew Savchenko2011-08-034-100/+0
* root-docs: fix broken manifestAndrew Savchenko2011-07-101-14/+2
* root-docs: update to v5.30Andrew Savchenko2011-07-104-0/+112
* packages are updated upstreamAndrew Savchenko2011-05-174-94/+0
* root-docs: update ebuild and fix #367195Andrew Savchenko2011-05-143-12/+20
* Revert "root-docs are updated upstream"Andrew Savchenko2011-05-144-0/+86
* root-docs are updated upstreamAndrew Savchenko2011-03-304-86/+0
* Update copyright year in manifestsAndrew Savchenko2011-01-142-2/+2
* root-docs version bumpAndrew Savchenko2010-12-174-0/+86