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* Remove $Id$ header per counsil decisionAndrew Savchenko2017-03-011-1/+0
* suspend: cleanupAndrew Savchenko2016-05-215-208/+8
* sys-power/suspend: new revision snapshot, update depsAndrew Savchenko2015-08-103-8/+5
* sys-power/suspend: fix bug 556954Andrew Savchenko2015-08-093-2/+8
* Rearrange code to be consistent with the main tree.Andrew Savchenko2015-08-093-15/+8
* Revert "suspend: moved to the portage tree"Andrew Savchenko2015-08-095-0/+274
* suspend: moved to the portage treeAndrew Savchenko2015-08-075-274/+0
* suspend: Add snapshot versionAndrew Savchenko2015-06-253-1/+67
* suspend: Add perl build-time dependencyAndrew Savchenko2015-06-253-2/+6
* suspend: add live version, supports >=libgcrypt-1.6Andrew Savchenko2015-06-214-0/+204
* nut: updated in portageAndrew Savchenko2012-06-0311-1039/+0
* switch to virtual/pkgconfigAndrew Savchenko2012-05-162-2/+2
* nut: fix repoman warningsAndrew Savchenko2012-04-092-4/+4
* nut: version bumpAndrew Savchenko2012-04-0911-0/+1039