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-Setting up Indefero
-1) First, using your database of choice, set up a database, username, and
-passord for Indefero.
-ie: If using mysql:
- 1) mysql -u root -h localhost -p
- 2) create user '<username for indefero>'@'localhost' identified by
- '<password for indefero>';
- 3) create database <database for indefero>;
- 4) grant all on <database for indefero>.* to '<username for
- indefero>'@'localhost';
-2) Depending on where Indefero was installed to (if no USE="vhost" it will be
-under /var/www/localhost/htdocs), edit the file <path to
-indefero>/src/IDF/conf/idf.php . Make sure to use the values for the database
-that you used in step 1.
-3) To actually create the needed tables for indefero, cd <path to
-indefero>/src and run
-4) Lastly, edit <path to indefero>/bootstrap.php. Change the places where
-it says <PATH TO INDEFERO> to point to the install you're using. Then update
-it to use a username / password of your choice. Then run php <path to indefero>/bootstrap.php.
-When this is done and you see the success, rm <path to