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* Add my version of genkernel-next which has support for LUKS headers.Dane Smith2014-12-123-0/+79
* Drop ancient stuffDane Smith2014-12-126-211/+0
* Version bump for c1pher sources. Doesn't include tuxonice yet.Dane Smith2011-07-053-1/+58
* Working 2.6.36 version.Dane Smith2011-05-144-11/+15
* Add 2.6.36 version.Dane Smith2011-05-143-1/+59
* Try a different set of genpatches.Dane Smith2011-05-113-5/+8
* New c1pher-sourcesDane Smith2011-05-115-122/+60
* Manifest, take 2.Dane Smith2011-02-222-4/+3
* When in doubt, bigger hammer. Mixed Zen + TuxOnIce.Dane Smith2011-02-222-6/+5
* 2.6.37: Zen + Gentoo. No TOI.Dane Smith2011-02-223-1/+68
* Testing kernel patchseDane Smith2011-02-214-0/+86