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+You will need to provide a database for your postfixadmin installation.
+This assumes you have some knowledge of MySQL, and already have it
+installed and configured. If not, please refer to the Gentoo MySQL
+guide at the following URL:
+Log in to MySQL, and create a new database as well as a user with full
+access to this database. After that you will need to provide the details
+of this database and the associated user within the file
+Make sure you also set
+ $CONF['configured'] = true;
+in this file.
+Finally you should be able to complete the installation of postfixadmin
+by pointing your browser at
+ http://${VHOST_HOSTNAME}/${VHOST_APPDIR}/setup.php
+Updating from older version of Postfix Admin:
+ * When you are upgrading from an older Postfix Admin version, make sure you
+ * backup your database before you run the update script on your database.
+ * mysqldump -a -u root -p > /tmp/postfixadmin-backup.sql
+ For update from version 1.5.x of Postfix Admin:
+ 1. Please read the DOCUMENTS/UPGRADE.TXT
+ 2. Run: http://${VHOST_HOSTNAME}/${VHOST_APPDIR}/setup.php
+To use Virtual Vacation, please read VIRTUAL_VACATION_INSTALL.
+Check the file. There you can specify settings that are
+relevant to your setup.
+Postfix Admin contains 3 views of administration:
+ 1. Site Admin view, located at http://${VHOST_HOSTNAME}/${VHOST_APPDIR}/admin/.
+ 2. Domain Admin view, located at http://${VHOST_HOSTNAME}/${VHOST_APPDIR}/.
+ 3. User Admin View, located at http://${VHOST_HOSTNAME}/${VHOST_APPDIR}/users/.
+In order to do the initial configuration you have to go to the Site Admin view.