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-qt-bugs@ issue : 38642 number : 71084
-applied: no
-author: Lubos Lunak <>
- start Mozilla, go e.g. to, start KWrite (or basically any Qt
-app that accepts text drops), select 'Conquer your Desktop!', and try to
-drag&drop it onto KWrite. The only text pasted should be 'm'.
- I don't know much the related mimetype and encoding stuff, so I'm unsure
-whose fault this actually is. The text drag is provided as a lot of
-text/something targets, to list some text/_moz_htmlinfo, text/x-moz-url,
-text/unicode and similar. The problem is, Kate uses QTextDrag::decode() with
-no subtype specified, probably with the intention that as Kate is a text
-editor, it can accept any text pasted. And since the first target provided by
-mozilla is text/x-moz-url, (which moreover seems to be encoded as 16bit
-unicode), the text dropped is completely wrong. You can easily see all
-targets provided by Mozilla with see_mime.patch applied.
- Solution #1: Say that Kate (any pretty much everybody else expecting text)
-should say "plain" as the subtype. In such case, I suggest you drop the
-QTextDrag::decode() variant with no subtype specified, and stress more the
-fact that not specifying a subtype can result in a lot of rubbish. It's
-simply too tempting to leave the subtype empty and try to accept anything.
- Solution #2: When trying to accept anything, try to get useful data. Which
-means either sorting the subtypes available somehow, checking only the ones
-Qt knows.
- To me, #1 seems to be a better choice, or possibly at least something like
-the attached QTextDrag patch, which simply always tries first "plain" subtype
-if none is specified. With this patch, Mozilla even works (that's irony, of
-course, Mozilla still pastes the text/plain text as HTML, but at least now it
-pastes something where it's easy to point at the offender).
---- src/kernel/qdragobject.cpp.sav 2004-01-06 19:24:35.000000000 +0100
-+++ src/kernel/qdragobject.cpp 2004-01-06 19:47:01.000000000 +0100
-@@ -844,6 +844,16 @@ bool QTextDrag::decode( const QMimeSourc
- {
- if(!e)
- return FALSE;
-+ // when subtype is not specified, try text/plain first, otherwise this may read
-+ // things like text/x-moz-url even though better targets are available
-+ if( subtype.isNull()) {
-+ QCString subtmp = "plain";
-+ if( decode( e, str, subtmp )) {
-+ subtype = subtmp;
-+ return true;
-+ }
-+ }
- if ( e->cacheType == QMimeSource::Text ) {
- str = *e->cache.txt.str;