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* Redmine version bump.Peter Volkov2013-05-1112-0/+1248
* www-apps/postfixadmin was just bumped in the TreePeter Volkov2011-10-196-340/+0
* www-apps/postfixadmin, net-misc/lbcore: Version bump.Peter Volkov2011-10-196-0/+340
* Drop roundcube and dependencies - they are in tree. Clean out redmine.Peter Volkov2011-10-016-184/+0
* net-analyzer/cacti{-spine} were bumped in the tree.Peter Volkov2010-11-156-314/+0
* Version bump, #336036 thank Andreis_Vinogradovs (slepnoga) for report. Fixes ...Peter Volkov2010-10-226-0/+314
* www-apps/redmine: update ebuild.Peter Volkov2010-01-115-122/+84
* Bump to 0.8.0_rc1. But DO NOT USE THIS. It's broken.Peter Volkov2008-12-123-14/+105
* Move logs to /var/log, thank winterheart for suggestion.Peter Volkov2008-10-142-5/+7
* Fixing manifest, make use of EAPI=2 featuresPeter Volkov2008-09-302-12/+9
* redmine ebuild, first shot, thank winterheart for the work.Peter Volkov2008-09-295-0/+132
* mantisbt-1.1.0 moved to the tree.Peter Volkov2008-01-116-323/+0
* Version bump. Waiting for to be...Peter Volkov2008-01-086-0/+323
* Moved to the tree.Peter Volkov2007-12-308-435/+0
* Fixes "Upload File" Script Insertion Vulnerability, bug 203791, reported by P...Peter Volkov2007-12-308-0/+435