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* Add debug supportHEADmasterRoy Marples2008-04-102-2/+3
* Suck some of portage updates into our ebuild.Roy Marples2008-03-252-3/+23
* Remove baselayout ebuild.Roy Marples2008-03-252-112/+0
* Prefer static over PAM, as PAM is only used by s-s-d and only for Marples2008-03-112-9/+10
* Remove useless comment.Roy Marples2008-03-112-3/+1
* Fix inherit.Roy Marples2008-03-102-6/+11
* Remove deps on coreutils (it's in system profile) and makedev.Roy Marples2008-03-082-8/+4
* Merge branch 'master' of Marples2008-03-062-4/+5
| * Brand with a space.Roy Marples2008-03-052-2/+2
| * Remove rmnologin too.Roy Marples2008-03-052-3/+4
* | Add openrc to pdepend.Roy Marples2008-03-062-1/+2
* Don't install swap-blk on fbsd.Roy Marples2008-03-042-2/+2
* Don't circular depend.Roy Marples2008-03-032-4/+2
* Fix dependencies so we pull in the correct baselayout.Roy Marples2008-03-032-2/+5
* Provide virutal/baselayout and remove old boot links.Roy Marples2008-03-034-8/+7
* Fix digestRoy Marples2008-03-011-1/+1
* Add swap-blk to the boot runlevl for FreeBSD.Roy Marples2008-03-011-1/+1
* Add repo_name and obsolete old manifests.Roy Marples2008-02-192-0/+1
* We should block older udevsRoy Marples2008-02-072-2/+3
* Remove warnings as all init scripts have now been updated (I think, and Cardo...Roy Marples2008-02-072-18/+1
* Punt digestsRoy Marples2008-02-012-3/+0
* Add info about the new services and list the services to be updated.Roy Marples2008-02-012-6/+17
* Update ebuild for new boot scripts.Roy Marples2008-01-312-8/+10
* Stop portage removing our mount points.Roy Marples2008-01-302-4/+8
* Fix building for PAM and ncurses.Roy Marples2008-01-212-6/+6
* Fix building on FreeBSDRoy Marples2008-01-212-7/+7
* Remove now useless lib fixes.Roy Marples2008-01-102-9/+5
* Re-add the gen ld script funcsRoy Marples2008-01-062-20/+12
* Work with the new git.Roy Marples2008-01-052-17/+10
* Fix ebuild for pam and static againRoy Marples2008-01-042-14/+17
* Disallow pam and static for the time being.Roy Marples2008-01-042-18/+25
* Fix.Roy Marples2008-01-041-1/+1
* Fix manifestRoy Marples2008-01-041-4/+4
* Fix static building.Roy Marples2008-01-041-10/+5
* Keyword ~armRoy Marples2008-01-034-10/+10
* Adjust brandingRoy Marples2008-01-032-7/+8
* Add warning about the deprecated /etc/modules.autoload.d directoryRoy Marples2008-01-032-4/+9
* Brand OpenRC for GentooRoy Marples2008-01-032-4/+11
* Re add manifest and digestRoy Marples2008-01-032-0/+7
* Remove digest and Manifest - too troublesome right nowRoy Marples2008-01-032-7/+0
* Force dependency generationRoy Marples2008-01-021-1/+2
* Fix ManifestRoy Marples2008-01-011-4/+4
* Add Manifest and digestsRoy Marples2008-01-014-0/+18
* Ensure a .depend always exists as it should not be in GITRoy Marples2007-12-291-0/+3
* Move to a git ebuild for initial testing, thanks to FlameeyesRoy Marples2007-12-281-0/+19
* Fix symlinks and ldscript for libsRoy Marples2007-12-281-0/+7
* The gen_usr_ldscript doesn't work for us as the .so and .so.1 aren't in the s...Roy Marples2007-12-281-5/+2
* Fix baselayout-1 upgraders.Roy Marples2007-12-281-4/+3
* Try and support baselayout-1 upgradersRoy Marples2007-12-281-0/+20
* Fix upgradersRoy Marples2007-12-281-4/+6