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* media-tv/userspace-tuner-hg: Adapted to changed module name.HEADmasterMatthias Schwarzott2007-10-082-9/+8
* Added ebuild initially written by Zoltan Karcagi <>.Matthias Schwarzott2007-10-084-0/+103
* Removed old crap.Matthias Schwarzott2007-04-0113-1579/+0
* Disabled calling hotplugd for compatibility, improving situation for Bug #147...Matthias Schwarzott2007-01-153-9/+14
* Removed second set of rules for cd-devices, solving Bug #158060.Matthias Schwarzott2007-01-153-15/+15
* Made own copy of rules-file.Matthias Schwarzott2007-01-154-9/+300
* Imported udev-103 from /usr/portage.Matthias Schwarzott2007-01-1512-0/+1283