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Adding a branchname prepare-commit-msg hook
Git supports several hooks, some of which are client-side. The prepare-commit-msg hook is run right after a `git commit` call, before the editor is opened. This allows the initial message to be altered. This hook will check if the current branch name begins with `bug/`, in which case it will prepend `[$branchname]` to the commit message. This makes it easier to create proper commit messages. http://wiki.phpbb.com/Git#Commit_Messages For more information refer to the hook source.
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+# A hook to add [$branch] to the beginning of a commit message
+# if certain conditions are met.
+# This is a prepare-commit-msg hook.
+# To install this you can either copy or symlink it to
+# $GIT_DIR/hooks, example:
+# ln -s ../../git-tools/hooks/prepare-commit-msg \\
+# .git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg
+# Make sure it is executable.
+# strip off ref: refs/heads/
+branch="$(cat $GIT_DIR/HEAD | sed 's/ref: refs\/heads\///g')"
+# * only run when normal commit is made (without -m or -F;
+# not a merge, etc.)
+# * also make sure the branch name begins with bug/
+if [ "$2" = "" ] && [ $(echo "$branch" | grep -e '^bug/') ]; then
+ echo "[$branch] $(cat $1)" > "$1"