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* [feature/webpi] Validate inline with MSSQL password policy.Chris Smith2010-04-151-2/+2
* [feature/webpi] Web PI supports UNIX line endings so we'll remove themChris Smith2010-04-084-293/+293
* [feature/webpi] Hopefully finally fix thisChris Smith2010-04-081-1/+15
* [feature/webpi] Fix messed up line endingsChris Smith2010-04-081-0/+0
* [feature/webpi] Add WebPI support to the build script.Chris Smith2010-04-081-0/+8
* [feature/webpi] Package files for Microsoft Web Platform InstallerChris Smith2010-04-084-0/+278
* Incrementing the version number to 3.0.7-PL1Nils Adermann2010-03-052-3/+3
* Prepare 3.0.7 releaseNils Adermann2010-02-282-3/+3
* Merge r10549 into 3.0.7: After generating all packages go through the full in...Nils Adermann2010-02-272-0/+44
* prepare build script for RC2Nils Adermann2010-02-242-4/+4
* Merge r10522 into 3.0.7 branchNils Adermann2010-02-231-14/+48
* Adding the phpBB build script. This is the latest version of the script Meik ...Nils Adermann2010-02-014-0/+3091