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* Merge branch 'ticket/bantu/9626' into develop-olympusAndreas Fischer2010-06-176-0/+375
| * [ticket/9626] Adding tests for the URL regular expression.Andreas Fischer2010-05-252-0/+36
| * [ticket/9626] Add missing class prefix.Andreas Fischer2010-05-254-6/+6
| * [ticket/9626] A few tests for the email regular expression.Andreas Fischer2010-05-252-0/+80
| * [ticket/9626] More IPv6 regex tests.Andreas Fischer2010-05-251-4/+62
| * [ticket/9626] Adding tests for the IPv4 regular expression.Andreas Fischer2010-05-252-0/+74
| * [ticket/9626] Adding tests for regular expressions.Andreas Fischer2010-05-253-0/+127
* | [feature/dbal-tests] Follow the coding guidelines and ...Joas Schilling2010-06-171-50/+88
* | [feature/dbal-tests] Update dataJoas Schilling2010-06-171-0/+42
* | [feature/dbal-tests] Multi insertJoas Schilling2010-06-171-0/+26
* | [feature/dbal-tests] Delete dataJoas Schilling2010-06-171-0/+30
* | [feature/dbal-tests] Insert dataJoas Schilling2010-06-171-0/+34
* | [feature/dbal-tests] Fix SQL-ERROR: invalid input syntax for integer: ""Joas Schilling2010-06-171-16/+8
* [feature/dbal-tests] Remove hardcoded 'mysql' from PDO DSN in DBAL test.Andreas Fischer2010-04-021-1/+1
* [feature/dbal-tests] Fix mysql (not mysqli) dbal test.Andreas Fischer2010-04-021-2/+4
* [feature/dbal-tests] Only output the missing config error message once.Nils Adermann2010-04-011-6/+18
* [feature/dbal-tests] Make the PDO prefix depend on the dbms.Nils Adermann2010-04-011-3/+13
* [feature/dbal-tests] Fix whitespace and line endings.Nils Adermann2010-04-012-21/+21
* [feature/dbal-tests] Make some tests for build_array_data on SELECTJoas Schilling2010-03-272-4/+114
* [feature/dbal-tests] Make some tests for return_on_error on SELECT-queriesJoas Schilling2010-03-261-8/+208
* [feature/dbal-tests] Tests for $db->sql_query_limit()Joas Schilling2010-03-262-1/+47
* [feature/dbal-tests] Load phpbb-schema after creating the connection to the d...Joas Schilling2010-03-262-3/+53
* [feature/dbal-tests] Added tests for dbal fetchrow and fetchfield.Joas Schilling2010-03-264-0/+100
* [feature/dbal-tests] Added database test & refactored test frameworkJoas Schilling2010-03-264-20/+137
* [develop-olympus] Make this test run on windows with backslash-paths.Joas Schilling2010-03-261-1/+1
* [develop-olympus] Backported 3.1 unit tests to 3.0.Nils Adermann2010-03-1029-0/+1766