Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Added experimental script based on mainline bootstrap-prefix...cross-bootstrapRuud Koolen2016-06-201-0/+2506
* Removed old script.Ruud Koolen2016-06-201-2038/+0
* eclass: Added TPREFIX suppor to toolchain.eclass.Ruud Koolen2016-06-151-0/+33
* sys-kernel/linux-headers: HACK: Added version 3.18Ruud Koolen2016-06-152-3/+56
* sys-libs/glibc: Added cross-prefix support.Ruud Koolen2016-06-158-89/+63
* eclass: Added cross-prefix support to kernel-2.eclass.Ruud Koolen2016-06-151-1/+4
* eclass: Added cross-prefix support to toolchain-binutils.eclass.Ruud Koolen2016-06-151-1/+13
* eclass: Imported toolchain-binutils.eclass from gentooRuud Koolen2016-06-151-0/+502
* Removed the profiles-based prefix-standalone support.Ruud Koolen2016-06-151-81/+0
* Imported profiles from gentooRuud Koolen2016-06-152027-5/+30803
* sys-devel/gcc-config: Added cross-prefix support.Ruud Koolen2016-06-152-2/+53
* binutils-config: Added cross-prefix support.Ruud Koolen2016-06-142-0/+531
* Forked binutils-config from gentooRuud Koolen2016-06-149-0/+1200
* Enabled thin manifests.Ruud Koolen2016-06-141-0/+1
* sys-devel/gcc-config: should use http for bootstrap.Benda Xu2016-06-132-2/+2
* net-ftp/lftp: merged.Benda Xu2016-06-118-1652/+0
* sys-app/sed: merged.Benda Xu2016-06-106-209/+0
* sys-libs/glibc: pick patch from gentoo.git.Benda Xu2016-06-103-8/+3
* sys-devel/crossdev: remove outdated crossdev.Benda Xu2016-06-108-1803/+0
* sys-apps/sed: use array myconf.Benda Xu2016-06-102-2/+8
* app-shell/bash: prefixify default bashrc and profile.Benda Xu2016-06-104-310/+34
* app-shell/bash: track from repo/gentoo.Benda Xu2016-06-1016-0/+1539
* toolchain.eclass: should preserve PATH to locate gcc-config.Benda Xu2016-06-071-12/+12
* sys-devel/gcc: fix manifest.Benda Xu2016-06-071-2/+0
* sys-devel/gcc: bump to the git master.Benda Xu2016-06-074-400/+5
* sys-apps/portage: update patches.Benda Xu2016-06-073-10/+20
* dev-lang/perl: merged.Benda Xu2016-06-0726-1970/+0
* dev-lang/ocaml: not needed.Benda Xu2016-06-0311-1626/+0
* dev-lang/perl: point sh and targetsh to Prefix shell.Benda Xu2016-06-032-12/+23
* sys-apps/portage: use os.path.join.Benda Xu2016-06-022-2/+2
* dev-lang/perl: sync with main repo, drop perl-5.18.Benda Xu2016-06-0217-51/+577
* sys-apps/portage: use gentoo main repo.Benda Xu2016-06-022-5/+2
* sys-libs/glibc: remove glibc sanity check during bootstrap.Benda Xu2016-06-022-2/+2
* sci-R/densityvis: remove. it does not belong here.Benda Xu2016-06-022-19/+0
* sys-libs/glibc: re-digest.Benda Xu2016-05-281-2/+0
* sys-libs/glibc: inherit prefix.Benda Xu2016-05-283-4/+6
* Merge branch 'heroxbd' into androidBenda Xu2016-05-2722-6834/+16
| * sys-libs/glibc: ld symlink.Benda Xu2016-05-272-3/+3
| * dev-util/bakefile, sys-libs/talloc, www-servers/nginx: remove, not used.Benda Xu2016-05-2716-2609/+0
| * sys-libs/glibc: drop ChangeLog.Benda Xu2016-05-273-4180/+0
| * sys-libs/glibc: update eblit patch.Benda Xu2016-05-274-47/+18
* | repo_name: rename to rap.Benda Xu2016-05-261-1/+1
* db.eclass: import from prefix tree.Benda Xu2016-05-261-0/+210
* user.eclass: not to fail under prefix.Benda Xu2016-05-261-0/+466
* sys-devel/binutils: need to use 2.26 for debian.Benda Xu2016-05-263-0/+29
* sys-devel/autoconf: merged.Benda Xu2016-05-2525-1920/+0
* sys-libs/glibc: prefixify locale-gen.Benda Xu2016-05-252-2/+4
* sys-devel/binutils-config: merged.Benda Xu2016-05-258-1054/+0
* sys-libs/glibc: glibc-2.19-ia64-gcc-4.8-reloc-hack.patch track.Benda Xu2016-05-252-40/+36
* sys-libs/glibc: clean up and bump to glibc-2.23.Benda Xu2016-05-2512-2435/+206