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* Disabled SSLCompression by default (bug #507324). Replaced old weak with stro...Lars Wendler2014-04-201-1/+13
* update pathsBenedikt Boehm2009-10-081-17/+15
* use localhost as default ServerName, otherwise virtual hosts for the FQDN wil...Benedikt Boehm2008-01-073-8/+2
* move example vhost files to documentationBenedikt Boehm2007-08-013-368/+0
* /etc/apache2/suexec-conf has been integrated into the apache ebuild.Christian Heim2007-07-291-1/+1
* suexec2-config is no more.Christian Heim2007-07-293-3/+0
* make .htaccess work again by defaultBenedikt Boehm2007-07-271-1/+1
* bug #178966Benedikt Boehm2007-07-112-0/+19
* move ssl vhost conf to vhosts.d/Benedikt Boehm2007-06-051-0/+173
* merge default vhost config; split mod_mime and mod_log configuration; whitesp...Benedikt Boehm2007-06-052-11/+85
* Adding vim filetype=apache and some minor empty lines cleaning.Christian Heim2007-06-054-16/+4
* Adding vim lines for all /etc/apache entries.Christian Heim2007-06-054-0/+6
* Fix a typo in name-based-vhost.conf.example (bug #179522 - thanks to Adrian B...Christian Heim2007-05-231-1/+1
* Shorten the examples files (less empty lines).Christian Heim2007-05-183-24/+0
* Shiny new virtual hosting examplesMichael Stewart2006-11-273-0/+400
* add peruser mpm to 2.2Benedikt Boehm2006-03-061-0/+4
* Changes for apache-2.2, see source and bug 114232 for detailsMichael Stewart2006-02-151-69/+16
* Create work area for apache-2.2Michael Stewart2006-02-151-0/+92