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* Updating the MPM patches for peruser and itk.Christian Heim2007-05-182-249/+349
* Adding the itk patch back, as UPSTREAM released a new patch for 2.2.0 (which ...Christian Heim2007-01-261-0/+1856
* No longer needed with 2.2.3.Christian Heim2007-01-183-78/+0
* Patches for CVE-2006-3747Michael Stewart2006-07-291-0/+26
* fix old apr api calls (#133191)Benedikt Boehm2006-06-051-2/+2
* Rewritten patch for AddDirectoryIndex that fixes the segfaults from bug 106808.Michael Stewart2006-04-011-13/+17
* fix patch nameBenedikt Boehm2006-03-061-0/+0
* add peruser mpm to 2.2Benedikt Boehm2006-03-061-0/+3197
* Changes for apache-2.2, see source and bug 114232 for detailsMichael Stewart2006-02-157-248/+115
* Clean up in prep for apache 2.2Michael Stewart2006-02-1510-3244/+0
* Create work area for apache-2.2Michael Stewart2006-02-1512-0/+3654