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* fix digest generationBenedikt Boehm2009-09-201-1/+1
* update for apache-2.2.6-r6; fix for apache-2.eclassBenedikt Boehm2007-12-151-3/+3
* Updating to ignore vim backup files when creating the tar arch...Christian Heim2007-07-101-1/+1
* Remove $Header$ from a bunch of files.Bryan Ƙstergaard2005-09-241-1/+0
* Added new option to override the DATESTAMPMichael Stewart2005-09-181-1/+4
* Modifications to support SVN instead of CVSMichael Stewart2005-06-071-9/+11
* Rewrote utilityMichael Stewart2005-06-061-200/+469
* Fixing DATESTAMPMichael Stewart2005-05-071-1/+1
* * dropped creation of ebuild backups when sed'ing (no need for)Christian Parpart2005-04-131-1/+1
* post-fix - oops ;)Christian Parpart2005-04-121-1/+1
* * Great great great(!) script enheancements. Have a look at it, if you dare :PChristian Parpart2005-04-121-45/+207
* Re-enable uploading of rolled tarball, forgot to do this previouslyMichael Stewart2005-02-131-1/+1
* Only use the datestamp for some treesMichael Stewart2005-02-081-12/+18
* Improvements to avoid broken digestsMichael Stewart2005-02-081-14/+26
* Added reminder message to regenerate the digestMichael Stewart2005-01-311-0/+1
* Added note about stablilizing packagesMichael Stewart2005-01-081-0/+1
* New script for rolling a tarballMichael Stewart2005-01-081-0/+93