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* os-release: Update Gentoo web site and support URLsWilliam Hubbs2016-08-281-2/+2
* add /etc/os-release #388597 by Michał Górnybaselayout-2.2Mike Frysinger2012-05-171-0/+7
* simply the build system greatlyMike Frysinger2008-03-231-5/+0
* finish merging openrc changesMike Frysinger2008-03-231-1/+1
* punt things moved to openrcMike Frysinger2008-03-232-52/+0
* interupt -> interruptRoy Marples2007-10-232-2/+2
* Harden startup and shutdownRoy Marples2007-09-202-9/+12
* Stop blindly assuming that a blank TERM is cons25. For cons25 terms we drop o...Roy Marples2007-05-022-4/+10
* rc does not need SIGCHLD handler. Also, always return 0 in /etc/rc as non zer...Roy Marples2007-04-091-1/+9
* Ensure fbsd sets up $RUNLEVEL correctly when init changesRoy Marples2007-04-091-1/+5
* Rewrite the core parts in C. We now provide librc so other programs canRoy Marples2007-04-057-0/+119