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== Changelog ==
+= 5.6 =
+* Release date: December 5, 2017
+* Release post:
+**Major Enhancements**
+* Google Analytics: Add support for universal analytics for WooCommerce.
+* Performance: minify all JavaScript files used in the plugin.
+* Performance: add new Lazy Images module.
+* Protect: add new mechanism allowing you to send yourself an email with a
+link to the form when you are locked out of your site.
+* Custom CSS: add new set of font properties that can be used in the CSS
+* Photon: do not remove `width` and `height` attributes from image tags when
+* Sitemaps: add CLI commands to purge and built the sitemaps.
+* Sitemaps: only display the reporter log success messages if
+`JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG` is defined.
+* API: add new endpoints to allow for better comment management
+in third party interfaces like
+* Toolbar: prevent dns prefetching for logged out users.
+**Improved compatibility**
+* Stats: remove function deprecated in PHP 7.2.
+**Bug fixes**
+* Comment Likes: make sure Like text is properly translated.
+* General: only load stats code when necessary.
+* Related Posts: allow site owners to exclude multiple blog posts from the
+list of Related Posts.
+* Sharing: remove inline JavaScript used in the email sharing form.
+* Search: Maintain ordering of the search filters in the widget.
+* Sync: avoid PHP notices during the synchronization process.
= 5.5.1 =
* Release date: November 21, 2017