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*Coding Standards

*PHP Documentation

	PHP documentation generated by PHP Documentor can be found in /docs.  View index.html using file://.


    Application configuration is done using define() calls.  The configuration script is located in:

    Copy this config file to cfg/config.php and the init script (cfg/init.php) will process it as intended.

    !! DO NOT store password information in config-dist.php and checkin !!


    Don't forget to set up raw logs:
    ErrorLog "|/usr/bin/cronolog /var/www/download/logs/%Y%m%d/error.log"
    CustomLog "|/usr/bin/cronolog /var/www/download/logs/%Y%m%d/access.log"

	DB-based logging is configurable by enabling the LOGGING constant in config.php.	


    DB information is stored in:

    DB connections are persistent (msyql_pconnect()).  For more info view the PHP manual:

	The DB server should optimally NOT be localhost (save cycles).


    Send questions and rants to <mike dot morgan at oregonstate dot edu>

*Output Buffering

    This application uses output buffering.

    ob_start() is called in inc/header.php.
    ob_end_flush() is called in inc/footer.php.

    No browser output (echo, print, etc.) should _ever_ happen outside of these boundaries.


    The project directory should be readable by the web server.


	!! ALL benchmark referencing /index.php should be done using ?print=true.	!!
	!! This disables the actual redirects and avoids spamming mirrors.			!!


	Scott Kveton <scott at osuosl dot org>
    Mike Morgan <mike dot morgan at oregonstate dot edu>
    Alex Polvi <polvi at osuosl dot org>
    Danny Robert <robert at osuosl dot org>

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