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Move bug-reporting and mailing list notes from TODO to README
This information is generally useful, and folks probably only read TODO if they want to help but don't already have an idea of what to help with ;). Having the contact information in the README should raise its visibility.
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@@ -60,3 +60,11 @@ There are many more options that can be set, but those defaults are good
for out of the box operation. For more documentation on what you can do
with catalyst, please check the man page or the online documentation at
+If you have questions or wish to help with development, contact the
+gentoo-catalyst@lists.gentoo.org mailing list. Bug reports should be
+filed at http://tinyurl.com/79slrk (http://bugs.gentoo.org) under the
+"Catalyst" component of the "Gentoo Hosted Projects" product.
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# $Id$
-This file is a rough list of changes that need to be made to catalyst. If you
-have questions about any of these items, or wish to help with development, send
-them to the gentoo-catalyst@lists.gentoo.org mailing list. Bug reports should
-be filed at http://tinyurl.com/79slrk (http://bugs.gentoo.org) under the
-Catalyst component.
+This file is a rough list of changes that need to be made to catalyst.
- Remove spec_prefix from all exported variables