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* ignore overlaysHEADmasterRafael G. Martins2010-11-271-0/+3
* make the script arch-independentRafael G. Martins2010-11-271-3/+5
* changed glob import to remove glob from the commands listRafael G. Martins2010-11-271-3/+3
* removed unused importRafael G. Martins2010-11-261-1/+1
* added fabfile.pyRafael G. Martins2010-11-262-0/+32
* small template fixRafael G. Martins2010-11-261-1/+1
* added license and fixed some stringsRafael G. Martins2010-11-261-5/+15
* added .gitignore and a config file for the sci-electronics herdRafael G. Martins2010-11-262-0/+119
* small fixesRafael G. Martins2010-11-261-2/+2
* major rewritten. works fairly.Rafael G. Martins2010-11-261-85/+102
* initial commitRafael G. Martins2010-11-261-0/+149