BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
elfix-0.9.xinstall-xattr: fix mangling of parameter order by getopt_long()Anthony G. Basile6 days
masterinstall-xattr: fix mangling of parameter order by getopt_long()Anthony G. Basile6 days
elfix-0.8.xdoc/Makefile.am: fix lost fix-gnustack.1Anthony G. Basile5 years
elfix-0.7.xmisc/alt-revdep-pax: cleanup wrt object with no pax flagsAnthony G. Basile7 years
elfix-0.6.xPrepare release 0.6.0Anthony G. Basile7 years
elfix-0.5.xFixes a typo in revdep-pax script and documentationAnthony G. Basile7 years
elfix-0.4.xPrepare release 0.4.2Anthony G. Basile8 years
elfix-0.3.xPrepare release 0.3.2Anthony G. Basile8 years
elfix-0.2.xPrepare release 0.2.5Anthony G. Basile8 years
elfix-0.1.xRefreshed build systemAnthony G. Basile9 years
0.9.2elfix-0.9.2.tar.gz  elfix-0.9.2.tar.bz2  elfix-0.9.2.zip  Anthony G. Basile4 years
0.9.1elfix-0.9.1.tar.gz  elfix-0.9.1.tar.bz2  elfix-0.9.1.zip  Anthony G. Basile4 years
0.9.0elfix-0.9.0.tar.gz  elfix-0.9.0.tar.bz2  elfix-0.9.0.zip  Anthony G. Basile5 years
0.8.6elfix-0.8.6.tar.gz  elfix-0.8.6.tar.bz2  elfix-0.8.6.zip  Anthony G. Basile5 years
0.8.5elfix-0.8.5.tar.gz  elfix-0.8.5.tar.bz2  elfix-0.8.5.zip  Anthony G. Basile5 years
0.8.4elfix-0.8.4.tar.gz  elfix-0.8.4.tar.bz2  elfix-0.8.4.zip  Anthony G. Basile6 years
0.8.3elfix-0.8.3.tar.gz  elfix-0.8.3.tar.bz2  elfix-0.8.3.zip  Anthony G. Basile6 years
0.8.2elfix-0.8.2.tar.gz  elfix-0.8.2.tar.bz2  elfix-0.8.2.zip  Anthony G. Basile6 years
0.8.1elfix-0.8.1.tar.gz  elfix-0.8.1.tar.bz2  elfix-0.8.1.zip  Anthony G. Basile7 years
0.8.0elfix-0.8.0.tar.gz  elfix-0.8.0.tar.bz2  elfix-0.8.0.zip  Anthony G. Basile7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2015-10-27Prepare release G. Basile2-1/+2
2015-10-27ChangeLog: updated.Anthony G. Basile1-0/+8
2015-10-27scripts/paxmark.sh: don't do a login bash, bug #564142.Anthony G. Basile1-1/+1
2015-10-24configure.ac: check for <gelf.h> only if ptpax is enabled.Anthony G. Basile1-1/+6
2015-09-03Prepare release G. Basile1-1/+1
2015-09-03ChangeLog: updatedAnthony G. Basile1-0/+2
2015-09-03scripts/paxmark.sh: default to both PT and XT.Anthony G. Basile2-1/+4
2015-09-03scripts/paxmark.sh: make.conf can be a directoryJames Le Cuirot2-1/+13
2015-09-03misc/install-xattr: update ChangeLogAnthony G. Basile1-0/+6
2015-09-03misc/install-xattr: ignore all whitespace in PORTAGE_XATTR_EXCLUDEJason Zaman1-2/+6