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-# ChangeLog for media-libs/edje
-# Copyright 1999-2010 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
-# $Header: $
- 17 Dec 2010; Thomas Sachau (Tommy[D]) <>
- -edje-1.0.0_beta.ebuild:
- Drop old
- 06 Oct 2010; Thomas Sachau (Tommy[D]) <>
- -edje-
- Drop old snapshot of edje
-*edje-1.0.0_beta (03 Oct 2010)
- 03 Oct 2010; Thomas Sachau (Tommy[D]) <>
- +edje-1.0.0_beta.ebuild:
- Add beta release of edje
- 20 Dec 2009; Thomas Sachau (Tommy[D]) <>
- +edje-
- Version bump for edje snapshot
- 17 Aug 2009; Thomas Sachau (Tommy[D]) <> edje-9999.ebuild:
- Add required lua dependency
- 30 Nov 2008; Mike Frysinger <> +edje-
- Version bump.
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-Hash: SHA256
-EBUILD edje-9999.ebuild 1010 SHA256 33ac11feac44c5fd94e8889c5c534a7d9a0025a6ee8515a6510962d125b8f52e SHA512 55844ac3b96aab6cc3ec724bb443ee3276c1014e66340e81bcfaa86d81cea3798c9e679e1c5864a745a3580367b99197cbf9878144c183cbf0f792d63d8a2d05 WHIRLPOOL 95af61558e83f843036d0cdc85710f2cdcb5c76c031396c7d0b6770e482cfc6217763cf634e6d84098f572951c76f5c45475d230936af527211e1e81329499b8
-MISC ChangeLog 795 SHA256 2c9798345f0e525dce875c48ca7ec1413e121dead288d333d3d5daced1b06c7d SHA512 1fa2ab005e7dcde7b94e887c68b7d35df078c31810a2e990cd5eb89515cdf9b1ce3c6659214351353de38cb2a388c731acafa6fbe1407f217e554e24aa1f567d WHIRLPOOL b1d07aaf6c06692e5a6eb0d0703a7026f6fe4ebe2834ca11a6d64fec9bf96eb22c23dbf6e9854589d5630db1cc0b69650d5c60f9105a90e5e0f70fc66c31fc30
-MISC metadata.xml 2772 SHA256 88c33e93a6ce4d1fe1462787cc846863227eb7043d14604183581e9b553cc6bc SHA512 b0b5707cd386775612f24813fa984c934eed1e2ed2c475d7b8525573ec55260798b96a33e2620603c1fc74d28efef4db53fa41a19acba587b4af7263605644e3 WHIRLPOOL 53bae17ddc60c01759e73435c848194062179618cfeb4da8019ec6e869002fcf5d76c74b0f940a925491ed86442b74ad05280f1443736077f4eada6f8dd5c82e
-Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (GNU/Linux)
diff --git a/media-libs/edje/edje-9999.ebuild b/media-libs/edje/edje-9999.ebuild
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--- a/media-libs/edje/edje-9999.ebuild
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-# Copyright 1999-2012 Gentoo Foundation
-# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
-# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/media-libs/edje/edje-9999.ebuild,v 1.6 2006/07/16 05:29:42 vapier Exp $
-inherit enlightenment
-DESCRIPTION="graphical layout and animation library"
-IUSE="debug +cache static-libs vim-syntax"
- >=dev-libs/eet-9999
- >=dev-libs/eina-9999
- >=dev-libs/embryo-9999
- >=media-libs/evas-9999
- >=dev-libs/ecore-9999"
-src_configure() {
- export MY_ECONF="
- $(use_enable cache edje-program-cache)
- $(use_enable cache edje-calc-cache)
- $(use_enable !debug amalgamation)
- $(use_with vim-syntax vim /usr/share/vim)
- "
- enlightenment_src_configure
-src_install() {
- if use vim-syntax ; then
- insinto /usr/share/vim/vimfiles/syntax/
- doins data/edc.vim || die
- fi
- dodoc utils/{,inkscape2edc} || die
- enlightenment_src_install
diff --git a/media-libs/edje/metadata.xml b/media-libs/edje/metadata.xml
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index 4b2e886..0000000
--- a/media-libs/edje/metadata.xml
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-<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
- <email></email>
- <flag name='cache'>Enable caching</flag>
-Edje is a complex graphical design and layout library.
-It's purpose is to be a sequel to "Ebits" which to date has serviced the needs of
-Enlightenment development for version 0.17. The original design paramteres under
-which Ebits came about were a lot more restricted than the resulting use of them,
-thus Edje was born.
-Edje is a more complex layout engine compared to Ebits. It doesn't pretend to do
-containering and regular layout like a widget set. It still inherits the more
-simplistic layout ideas behind Ebits, but it now does them a lot more cleanly,
-allowing for easy expansion, and the ability to cover much more ground than Ebits
-ever could. For the purposes of Enlightenment 0.17, Edje should serve all the
-purposes of creating visual elements (borders of windows, scrollbars, etc.) and
-allow the designer the ability to animate, layout and control the look and feel of
-any program using Edje as its basic GUI constructor. This library allows for
-multiple collections of Layouts in one file, sharing the same image database and
-thus allowing a whole theme to be conveneintly packaged into 1 file and shipped
-Edje, unlike Ebits, separates the layout and behavior logic. Edje files ship with an
-image database, used by all the parts in all the collections to source graphical
-data. It has a directory of logical part names pointing to the part collection entry
-ID in the file (thus allowing for multiple logical names to point to the same part
-collection, allowing for the sharing of data betwene display elements). Each part
-collection consists of a list of visual parts, as well as a list of programs. A
-program is a conditionally run program that if a particular event occurs (a button
-is pressed, a mouse enters or leaves a part) will trigger an action that may affect
-other parts. In this way a part collection can be "programmed" via its file as to
-hilight buttons when the mouse passes over them or show hidden parts when a button
-is clicked somewhere etc. The actions performed in changing from one state to
-another ar also allowed to transition over a period of time, allowing animation.
-This separation and simplistic event driven style of programming can produce almost
-any look and feel one could want for basic visual elements. Anything more complex is
-likely the domain of an application or widget set that may use Edje as a conveneient
-way of being able to configure parts of the display.