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* Remove trailing dot from DESCRIPTION.Ulrich Müller2013-09-201-1/+1
* Remove SVN Id keyword throughout.Ulrich Müller2012-03-081-1/+0
* Update year.Ulrich Müller2010-02-031-1/+1
* Add support for wxGTK-2.9 to wxwidgets.eselect.Ryan Hill2010-02-031-32/+46
* Use EROOT throughout, Minor updates.Ryan Hill2009-11-131-7/+8
* Support brief output mode, bugs 292104, 292117, 292119, and 292120.Ulrich Müller2009-11-121-15/+10
* Add editor file variables.Ulrich Müller2009-09-151-0/+1
* Add the wxwdigets module.Ryan Hill2009-07-011-0/+246