Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* [dev-libs/box2d] new /box2d-2.1.2.ebuildMarcel Unbehaun2011-07-142-0/+38
* d0_blind_id: migrate to git-2 and EAPI4Nikoli2011-07-063-8/+11
* correct ManifestsChristian Schmitt2011-06-061-0/+1
* cleanup the Flightgear family and move to EAPI3 :)Christian Schmitt2011-01-243-4/+14
* d0_blind_id: initial ebuildNikoli2010-12-305-0/+152
* [dev-libs/newmat] use dolib for lib install. thx scarabeus :)Christian Schmitt2010-07-152-3/+2
* This is the first revision after moving the repo to GIT. Some cleanups compar...Christian Schmitt2010-07-152-0/+29
* [dev-libs/box2d] new SRC_URI - box2d-2.0.1.ebuildMarcel Unbehaun2010-03-092-2/+2
* added ~amd64 keyword for box2dkrytzz2010-01-302-2/+2
* (dev-libs/box2d) initial box2d-2.0.1.ebuildMarcel Unbehaun2009-10-124-0/+94
* (dev-libs/bulletss) rm obsolete bulletss-0.0.1.ebuildMarcel Unbehaun2009-08-286-70/+0
* (dev-libs/libbulletml) version bump and enhancement libbulletml-0.0.6-r1.ebuildMarcel Unbehaun2009-08-285-0/+135
* dev-libs/bulletss: Restore d-games eclass (oops)Romain Perier2009-08-262-5/+3
* dev-games/clanlib: Quote $WORKDIRRomain Perier2009-08-262-22/+18
* Moved devel/* to ./Romain Perier2009-08-216-0/+76
* Move to 2 folder layout where one is for devel and one for fixed things.Tomáš Chvátal2009-08-136-74/+0
* (dev-libs/bulletss) added ManifestMarcel Unbehaun2009-07-296-0/+74