Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Update to EAPI 5 and fix repoman warningsHEADmasterAndrew Schenck2015-04-162-4/+4
* Remove obsolete portage ebuild and ChangeLogBrian Dolbec2015-03-063-374/+0
* Remove obsolete layman ebuild and directoryBrian Dolbec2015-03-063-105/+0
* update layman-9999 from the main tree.Brian Dolbec2014-03-222-32/+34
* elogviewer-2.1 has been moved to the main tree.Brian Dolbec2014-03-223-100/+0
* Remove overlord since it is outdated and the git eclass has been removed.Brian Dolbec2013-10-094-140/+0
* Add Mathais's new elogviewer-2.x versions for testingBrian Dolbec2013-06-143-0/+100
* Fix the live ebuild to inherit subversion eclass since the default forAndrew Schenck2013-02-222-16/+2
* remove old version, rc4 is in the tree. update 9999 ebuild.Brian Dolbec2012-10-213-134/+8
* [app-portage/kuroo4] Sync with tree.Johannes Huber2012-08-082-7/+23
* [app-portage/kuroo4] Fix typo in description.Andrew Schenck2012-08-033-4/+4
* [app-portage/kuroo4] Remove old ebuilds now that johu has pushed to the tree.Andrew Schenck2012-08-034-72/+0
* [app-portage/kuroo4] Update metadata.xml with kde herdAndrew Schenck2012-08-032-4/+4
* [app-portage/kuroo4] Update ebuilds with johu and tampakarp's feedback.Andrew Schenck2012-08-0216-118/+72
* [app-portage/kuroo4] Add a new release that works with md5-cache and finally ...Andrew Schenck2012-08-022-7/+39
* [app-portage/kuroo4] Add a new release that fixes the major crash bug.Andrew Schenck2012-05-304-6/+38
* [app-portage/kportagetray] Sync with kde overlay.Johannes Huber2012-03-262-35/+20
* [app-portage/kportagetray] Removed, newer revision already in tree.Johannes Huber2012-03-262-66/+14
* [app-portage/kuroo4-0.90.0] Add a point release since I've fixed someAndrew Schenck2012-03-192-0/+32
* add porthole-0.6.1-r3, missing-attribute.patch. Fixes bug 323179.Brian Dolbec2011-12-295-0/+132
* remove the quotes, so portage doesn't complain.Brian Dolbec2011-12-051-1/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Dolbec2011-12-034-2/+4
| * fixed ManifestDimitris Papapoulios2011-11-031-1/+1
| * fixed metadata tagDimitris Papapoulios2011-11-031-0/+1
| * manifestTheo Chatzimichos2011-11-031-1/+1
| * [app-portage/c-portage] fix metadata tagTheo Chatzimichos2011-11-032-1/+2
* | add metadata/layout.conf so pkgcore doesn't complain.Brian Dolbec2011-12-031-0/+1
* add descriptions for portage-public-apidol-sen2011-10-313-3/+5
* [sys-apps/portage-8888] Add blocker about portage-public-apiTheo Chatzimichos2011-10-312-2/+3
* [app-portage/portage-public-api] Add blocker about portage-8888Theo Chatzimichos2011-10-312-4/+8
* added metadata.xmlDimitris Papapoulios2011-10-201-0/+12
* Remove ChangeLogs, add my info to metadata.xml in portage-public-api, begin u...dol-sen2011-10-198-674/+13
* added portage-public-api depDimitris Papapoulios2011-10-202-14/+4
* Update the portage dep and initial ChangeLog.dol-sen2011-10-183-2/+15
* ebuild for portage-public-apiDimitris Papapoulios2011-10-192-0/+30
* [app-portage/kdemerge] Moved to git.kde.orgTheo Chatzimichos2011-10-182-6/+7
* [app-portage/kdemerge] Remove the installation of my scripts, theyTheo Chatzimichos2011-10-172-5/+5
* [app-portage/c-portage] Add missing optional dep on qt-coreJohannes Huber2011-10-122-4/+14
* removed .git in EGIT_REPO_URI since it is not neededDimitris Papapoulios2011-10-112-2/+3
* added metadata.xmlDimitris Papapoulios2011-10-111-0/+12
* removed .git in EGIT_REPO_URIDimitris Papapoulios2011-10-112-2/+2
* qt4 use flag addedDimitris Papapoulios2011-10-112-2/+9
* ebuild for c-portage. cmakelists needs fixingDimitris Papapoulios2011-10-052-0/+24
* [app-portage/kdemerge] minor fixTheo Chatzimichos2011-10-052-12/+2
* [app-portage/kdemerge] Installs kcm now, improvements by tampakrap and meJohannes Huber2011-10-052-22/+15
* [app-portage/kdemerge] Initial commit, ebuild by me and johuTheo Chatzimichos2011-10-055-0/+133
* update portage manifestdol-sen2011-10-041-1/+1
* version bump laymandol-sen2011-09-174-9/+34
* fix RESTRICT_PYTHON_ABIS, remove the dupe.dol-sen2011-08-113-4/+7
* add updated layman-9999 ebuild with EPREFIX capability to match the code.dol-sen2011-08-113-1/+103