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* map systemd private dirsRussell Coker2019-02-101-0/+3
* appconfig: Add openrc_contexts fileJason Zaman2017-05-183-0/+3
* misc daemons from Russell Coker.Chris PeBenito2017-04-301-1/+2
* Create / to /usr equivalence for bin, sbin, and lib, from Russell Coker.Chris PeBenito2017-02-051-2/+6
* transition file contexts to /runcgzones2017-01-021-2/+5
* Remove trailing spaces2.20161023-r2Jason Zaman2016-12-081-1/+1
* remove trailing whitespacescgzones2016-12-085-7/+17
* Remove unneeded system_u seusers mapping.Chris PeBenito2016-12-063-3/+0
* Add lxc_contexts config fileLaurent Bigonville2016-03-123-0/+9
* On Debian, systemd binaries are installed in / not /usrLaurent Bigonville2016-01-311-0/+1
* Allow the user cronjobs to run in their userdomainLaurent Bigonville2015-12-179-9/+9
* add normal context in addition to cronjob_t, bug 543110Jason Zaman2015-04-146-6/+6
* Fix bug #475432 - Add substitution for kerberos directoriesSven Vermeulen2013-08-151-0/+1
* Adding default context definitions for atd_tSven Vermeulen2012-12-133-0/+3
* Use trailing / to ensure no mismatches occurSven Vermeulen2012-08-091-0/+1
* Translate /etc/init.d to /etc/rc.d/init.d for context searchesSven Vermeulen2012-08-091-0/+1
* Use /usr/local/lib* to /usr/libSven Vermeulen2012-08-091-1/+0
* Support for /usr/localSven Vermeulen2012-07-281-0/+2
* Using subs_dist for simplified file contextsSven Vermeulen2012-04-221-0/+1
* Pushing 2.20120215 (current version)Sven Vermeulen2012-04-2162-0/+739