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+.TH "JAVA-CONFIG" "1" "June 2005" "java-config 2.0.0" "User Commands"
+java\-config \- The Java configuration tool for Gentoo
+.B java\-config
+.I java\-config
+Is used to query/set properties of your system's Java environment. It can be
+used to list available VMs, java packages, set system default JVM and set user
+default JVM.
+In addition, it is used by Portage as a common interface to querying
+properties about the various JVMs.
+\fB\-c \-\-javac\fI
+Show full path to currently selected Java compiler.
+\fB\-j \-\-jar\fI
+Show full path to currently selected
+.I jar
+\fB\-O \-\-jdk\-home\fI
+Show path to currently selected JDK.
+\fB\-o \-\-jre\-home\fI
+Show path to currently selected JRE.
+\fB\-v \-\-java\-version\fI
+Query current JVM for version.
+\fB\-p [pkg1[\-SLOT],pkg2[\-SLOT],...] \-\-classpath[=package1,package2,...]\fI
+Calculate classpath for a package. If a package is installed in different
+slots you can also specify the slot to get the specific classpath informations.
+\fB\-e filename \-\-exec=filename\fI
+Figure full path to one of the JDK/JRE utilities, such as
+.I keytool
+.I rmic
+and others.
+\fB\-l \-\-list\-available\-packages\fI
+List available Java packages. Used for selection by
+.I \-\-classpath
+.I \-\-set\-system\-classpath
+.I \-\-set\-user\-classpath
+\fB\-L \-\-list\-available\-vms\fI
+Lists available JVMs. Used with
+.I \-\-set\-system\-vm
+.I \-\-set\-user\-vm
+\fB\-S <vm\-id> \-\-set\-system\-vm=<vm\-id>\fI
+Sets the system\-wide default JVM.
+\fB\-s <vm\-id> \-\-set\-user\-vm=<vm\-id>\fI
+Sets the user\-specific JVM by putting all necessary env vars into
+.I $HOME/.gentoo/java\-env .
+\fB\-f \-\-show\-active\-vm\fI
+Show the JVM that's currently active, as set via \-\-set\-system\-vm or \-\-set\-user\-vm.
+\fB\-A <pkg1>,<pkg2>,... \-\-set\-system\-classpath=<package1>,<package2>,...\fI
+Sets the system\-wide default CLASSPATH.
+\fB\-a <pkg1>,<pkg2>,... \-\-set\-user\-classpath=<package1>,<package2>,...\fI
+Sets the user\-specific CLASSPATH by putting all necessary env vars into
+.I $HOME/.gentoo/java\-env\-classpath
+(sourced from $HOME/.gentoo/java\-env).
+\fB\-X \-\-clean\-system\-classpath\fI
+Cleans the system\-wide default classpath, leaving only vm needed jars
+on it.
+\fB\-x \-\-clean\-user\-classpath\fI
+Cleans the user specific classpath that was specified by
+.I \-\-set\-user\-classpath
+by deleting
+.I $HOME/.gentoo/java\-env\-classpath .
+\fB\-n \-\-nocolor\fI
+Turn off all colors.
+\fB\-P <vm\-id> \-\-print=<vm\-id>\fI
+Print the environment information for the specified virtual machine.
+You can get the <vm\-id> that is used with
+.I \-\-set\-system\-vm=<vm\-id>
+.I \-\-set\-user\-vm=<vm\-id>
+in the output of
+.I java\-config \-\-list\-available\-vms
+inside the brackets. Ex. [blackdown\-jdk\-1.4.1] and you can use this to
+set your default Java Virtual Machine.
+Karl Trygve Kalleberg <karltk@gentoo.org>
+Adrian Almenar <strider@gentoo.org>
+Jason Mobarak <aether@gentoo.org>
+It cannot be used to set default browser plugin yet.
+The \fI/usr/bin/java\-config\fR script.