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* Parser&Walker: Support nested command substitutionHEADmasterAndré Aparício2012-08-193-4/+17
* Walker: Support string operations on arraysAndré Aparício2012-08-194-36/+77
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'aparicio/multiline_string_declaration'Petteri Räty2012-08-192-1/+24
| * Parser: Accept semicolons inside builtin variable definitionsAndré Aparício2012-08-032-0/+2
| * Parser: Multiline string declarationAndré Aparício2012-08-032-1/+22
* | Parser: Support line break after pipeAndré Aparício2012-08-192-1/+2
* | Parser: Support appending strings with special charactersAndré Aparício2012-08-092-2/+4
* Walker: Fix appending to an array of size 1André Aparício2012-08-032-1/+5
* Parser&Walker: Escape 'André Aparício2012-08-033-2/+4
* Parser&Walker: Escape '[' and ']'André Aparício2012-08-033-1/+6
* Parser&Walker: Support redirectionAndré Aparício2012-08-0317-50/+113
* Walker: Support local declaration inside evalAndré Aparício2012-07-202-1/+4
* Parser: Support line continuation inside keyword testAndré Aparício2012-07-202-2/+24
* Builtin: Support more options for declareAndré Aparício2012-07-203-5/+39
* Builtin: Support variable declarations in declareAndré Aparício2012-07-206-76/+123
* Replace boost::scoped_ptr with std::unique_ptrPetteri Räty2012-07-082-3/+2
* Parser&Walker: Support for loop without listAndré Aparício2012-07-083-7/+23
* Utils: Upgrade instruo to work with paludis 0.74.1André Aparício2012-07-084-61/+48
* Walker: Improve command list to support "command && command && command"André Aparício2012-07-082-3/+7
* Builtin: Implement unset array supportAndré Aparício2012-07-084-1/+62
* Builtin: Implement set -u optionAndré Aparício2012-07-034-5/+87
* Builtin: Implement set builtinAndré Aparício2012-07-039-1/+207
* Builtin: implement read builtinAndré Aparício2012-07-035-0/+229
* Utils: add debug-print-functionMu Qiao2012-05-262-0/+5
* Builtin: improve error output for some builtinsMu Qiao2012-05-265-15/+15
* Builtin: handle __export_funcs_var in inheritMu Qiao2012-05-262-4/+17
* Utils: handle RDEPEND for metadata generationMu Qiao2012-05-261-0/+6
* Parser&Walker: improve escaped double quote handlingMu Qiao2012-03-264-2/+5
* Walker: support appending array to arrayMu Qiao2012-03-265-7/+53
* Parser: allow ';' after local and exportMu Qiao2012-03-262-1/+3
* Walker: fix single quoted argument handlingMu Qiao2012-03-262-0/+2
* Builtin: fix argument handling of printf builtinMu Qiao2012-03-262-5/+18
* Walker: allow empty case commandMu Qiao2012-03-022-1/+14
* Parser&Walker: support literals in regular expMu Qiao2012-03-026-13/+25
* Walker: allow bash expansions in regular expressionsMu Qiao2012-03-022-1/+8
* Parser: Allow EOLs in builtin array definitionMu Qiao2012-03-012-1/+24
* Parser: allow empty replacement patternMu Qiao2012-03-013-1/+10
* Parser: allow multiple operands in test expressionMu Qiao2012-03-012-4/+8
* Parser: allow ANSI C quoting in expansion valuesMu Qiao2012-03-013-1/+4
* Walker: support indirect ref in runtimeMu Qiao2012-03-012-1/+6
* Parser: support indirect ref in parameter expansionMu Qiao2012-03-012-0/+18
* Parser: allow double quotes in arithmetic expressionMu Qiao2012-02-293-1/+12
* Parser&Walker: allow multiple arithmetic expressionsMu Qiao2012-02-2815-126/+161
* Parser&Walker: respect precedence in builtin testMu Qiao2012-02-234-17/+37
* Walker: support shortcut in keyword testMu Qiao2012-02-232-2/+20
* Parser: respect operator precedence in keyword testMu Qiao2012-02-233-1/+7
* Build: add more information to libbash.pc.inMu Qiao2011-08-051-0/+3
* Test: move test_coverage.sh to test/Mu Qiao2011-08-042-2/+2
* Doc: remove useless doxample.amMu Qiao2011-08-041-186/+0
* Doc: add doxygen main pageMu Qiao2011-08-042-2/+13