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+localepurge \- removing superfluous locale data
+.B localepurge
+.BR localepurge
+is a small script to recover disk space wasted for unneeded locale
+files and localized man pages. It will be automagically invoked by
+.BR emerge
+some day...
+You have to define the locale
+directory names you want to keep from removal
+in the
+.BR /etc/locale.nopurge
+configuration file.
+Any other directory (or file) in
+.BR /usr/share/locale
+not containing a subdirectory named
+will be discreetly ignored.
+The configurable options consist of toggling verbose output, reporting a
+summary of freed space, and deletion of localized manual pages in
+addition to locale files. All actions are specified in the
+.BR /etc/locale.nopurge
+configuration file.
+For detailed debugging the commandline switch
+.BR -debug
+or just a short
+.BR -d
+instead are available for usage.
+For verbose output the commandline switch
+.BR -verbose
+or just a short
+.BR -v
+can be added. You can use too
+.BR -help
+to have help ;) or a short
+.BR -h.
+You can use too
+.BR -version
+and if you dont like colors you can use
+.BR -nocolor
+or the short form
+.BR -nc
+if you want a pretend mode you can use
+.BR -pretend
+or the short from
+.BR -p
+.SH "A Word of CAUTION"
+Please note, that
+.BR this
+.BR tool
+.BR is
+.BR a
+.BR hack
+.BR which
+.BR is
+.BR not
+.BR integrated
+.BR with
+.BR Gentoo
+.BR Portage
+.BR system
+and therefore is not meant for the faint of heart. Responsibility for its
+usage and possible breakage of your system therefore lies in the sysadmin's
+(your) hands.
+Please definitely do abstain from reporting any bugs blaming localepurge if
+.BR you
+break your system by using it. If you don't know what you are doing and
+can't handle any resulting breakage on your own then please simply don't
+use it.
+All locale directories containing a subdirectory named LC_MESSAGES
+which are either commented out or not even listed at all in
+.BR /etc/locale.nopurge
+will be irreversibly deleted. The only way to
+reinstall any lost locales is "remerging"
+the ebuild.
+.BR /etc/locale.nopurge
+.BR localepurge
+and its accompanying manual page was written for the
+.BR Gentoo
+.BR Linux
+system by Jos Alberto Surez Lpez. Based in the grat job for Debian
+GNU/Linux of Paul Seelig <>.