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* Include all revisions for virtual/libmysqlclient-18split-clientBrian Evans2015-07-161-1/+1
* Revision bump with new dependencies. Unfortunately, it is not obvious what t...Brian Evans2015-07-161-0/+121
* Fix 10.1 mariadb slotting on virtual/mysqlBrian Evans2015-07-161-1/+1
* Update dependencies on static-libs USE from = to ?Brian Evans2015-07-162-12/+12
* Update dependencies on virtual/libmysqlclientBrian Evans2015-07-144-5/+38
* Fix subslot deps for virtual/libmysqlclientBrian Evans2015-07-1413-8/+18
* Add clientlibs patch for galeraBrian Evans2015-07-132-0/+262
* update dependencies on split-client branchBrian Evans2015-07-131-5/+5
* Pull in updated versions from masterBrian Evans2015-07-108-51/+77
| * Version bumpsBrian Evans2015-07-103-26/+7
| * Version bumpBrian Evans2015-07-062-23/+2
| * Version bumplayman2015-06-292-24/+2
| * Version bumplayman2015-06-242-0/+67
* | Add patched percona-serverBrian Evans2015-07-093-22/+278
* | Add patched dev-db/mysqlBrian Evans2015-07-092-0/+292
* | Fix testsBrian Evans2015-07-091-7/+13
* | Revert "Always build the command line tools"Brian Evans2015-07-072-11/+18
* | Refine dependencies and skip multilib when -client-libsBrian Evans2015-07-071-9/+50
* | Always build the command line toolsBrian Evans2015-07-072-27/+16
* | copy all files from portage treelayman2015-06-255-42/+129
* | Fix dependencieslayman2015-06-252-7/+7
* | client-libs, server and tools now build ; Need to tweak things like shared fi...layman2015-06-243-41/+83
* | Add tools patch to repo. Currently fails in client/mysql_pluginlayman2015-06-242-0/+106
* | Begin work on separate client libraries, tools and server flagslayman2015-06-247-32/+263
* Version bumpsBrian Evans2015-06-193-12/+126
* Update archived eclass to match changes made by vapier in portagelayman2015-06-121-4/+3
* Sync portage header; Update mirror order for newer builds; Documentation updatelayman2015-06-101-18/+18
* Version bump; drop oldlayman2015-06-104-156/+26
* Version bump for 10.1 series.Brian Evans2015-06-092-0/+123
* Version bumplayman2015-06-092-19/+21
* Version bump for mysql-5.6.25layman2015-06-032-0/+154
* Sync with portage headersBrian Evans2015-05-291-3/+3
* Version bump; needs test runlayman2015-05-294-311/+2
* [mysql-init-scripts] Version bump and header sync from portagelayman2015-05-285-34/+32
* Remove the T option from log-s6 as mysql already includes a timestamp of its ownlayman2015-05-141-1/+1
* Update for changes in latest sys-apps/openrclayman2015-05-142-1/+2
* Version bump to mark openrc move and add logging supportBrian Evans2015-05-134-78/+69
* Wait for server to come available under s6layman2015-05-131-0/+11
* Sync init script from portage; bashism and checkconfig fixesBrian Evans2015-05-122-25/+39
* Fix metadata.xml taglayman2015-05-121-1/+1
* [mysql-init-scripts] First attempt at s6 integration which OpenRC now support...layman2015-05-124-0/+196
* [percona-server] Security version bump; drop vulnerable versionslayman2015-05-114-136/+36
* Version bump; drop oldBrian Evans2015-05-093-121/+5
* Initial commit of mysql-utilities to test modificationsBrian Evans2015-05-074-0/+68
* Version bump; needs tests run before importing to portagelayman2015-05-072-0/+116
* Fix multilib builds wrt libbfdlayman2015-05-011-5/+12
* Sync headers and changes from portagelayman2015-05-013-3/+6
* Update git hostnames for extraslayman2015-05-013-5/+5
* Version bumpsBrian Evans2015-04-149-192/+109
* Version bumpBrian Evans2015-04-033-3/+154