netifrc README

This package provides a system of modules to manage and configure network
interfaces via individual per-interface scripts in /etc/init.d.  Provided
is the parent script "/etc/init.d/net.lo", which should be symlinked to
create additional scripts for each interface to be configured:

	ln -s /etc/init.d/net.{lo,eth0}

Configuration is handled in "/etc/conf.d/net".  A default (empty or missing)
/etc/conf.d/net automatically uses DHCP to configure any network interfaces 
started by these scripts.  To create a more complete configuration, please 
review net.example* in the doc directory and save your configuration 
in /etc/conf.d/net.

You should also probably go and read the OpenRC README.

netifrc is what was previously called 'oldnet' in OpenRC, and was the only
networking system in Baselayout 1.x. This system has been around a very long
time, at least as far back as September 2001 (that was the rc-scripts-1.1.5

If you're interested in who contributed to this, please see the extensive
CREDITS file, as well as checking the top of relevant files.

Netifrc is presently licensed under the 2-clause BSD license, after a switch
in early 2005.

Reporting Bugs
Since Gentoo Linux is hosting OpenRC development, Bugs should go to
the Gentoo Bugzilla:
They should be filed under the "Gentoo Hosted Projects" product and
the "netifrc" component.