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* Remove unneeded files; sync w/ PortageStuart Herbert2006-11-081-18/+0
* Added existing NX packages from PortageStuart Herbert2006-10-301-0/+18
* * Deleting files to prepare for the upload of NX 2.0.0 ebuilds :)scruggsj2006-07-081-18/+0
* * Forgot the new patch. *cough* Sorry.scruggsj2006-03-141-0/+18
* I took out the need for the patch and replaced it with a symlink line. There ...scruggsj2006-03-111-29/+0
* Changelog:scruggsj2006-03-081-0/+29
* Changlog:scruggsj2006-03-081-29/+0
* Changelog:scruggsj2006-03-071-0/+29
* Changelog:scruggsj2006-03-071-29/+0
* Changelog:scruggsj2006-03-071-0/+29