Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Spring clean:Bernard Cafarelli2012-03-145-132/+0
* Use qt4-r2, drop unneeded perl moduleBernard Cafarelli2010-04-293-9/+8
* Update no-ldap patch, bug #315533. Also fix desktop entry and drop old versionsBernard Cafarelli2010-04-198-319/+43
* * Added x2goserver-
* * x2goprint first addedjlangenbach2009-10-112-0/+71
* Fix patch for no-ldap, changed some spaces in tabsBernard Cafarelli2009-05-144-49/+50
* Added an ldap patch so that the ldap modules for kcontrol now can handle bind...jlangenbach2009-05-123-3/+137
* New server 3.0.0-1jlangenbach2009-05-055-0/+120
* Moved in portage (x2goserver left for the additional ldap deps)Bernard Cafarelli2009-03-136-137/+0
* x2goclient 2.99, adds pulseaudio support (not tested I don't use it)Bernard Cafarelli2009-02-092-0/+40
* EAPI 1 for server, sshfs remote mount is usefulBernard Cafarelli2008-12-122-2/+2
* Use pool-lenny, it has newer releasesBernard Cafarelli2008-12-112-3/+3
* Make ldap optionalBernard Cafarelli2008-12-113-5/+49
* Remove live ebuilds for qtnx, add x2goclient ebuild from bug #249600Bernard Cafarelli2008-12-054-0/+53