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parentEAPI Cheat Sheet: Update for EAPI 4 (diff)
Small fixups to cheat sheet.
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@@ -175,7 +175,7 @@ nonetheless.
packages. Be warned that dependencies might not have been
installed at execution time. See \featureref{pkg-info}.
\item[\code{econf} changes] The helper function now always
- activates \code{--disable-dependency-tracking}.
+ activates \code{-{}-disable-dependency-tracking}.
See \featureref{econf-options}.
\item[USE dependency defaults] In addition to the features offered
in EAPI 2 for USE dependencies, a \code{(+)} or \code{(-)} can be
@@ -190,7 +190,7 @@ nonetheless.
\code{/usr/share/doc/\$\{PF\}/html}. \code{docompress path \dots}
adds paths to the inclusion list for compression.
\code{docompress -x path \dots} adds paths to the exclusion list.
- \featureref{controllable-compress}.
+ See \featureref{controllable-compress}.
\item[\code{dodoc} recursion] If the \code{-r} switch is given as
first argument and followed by directories, files from there are
installed recursively. See \featureref{dodoc}.
@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ nonetheless.
See \featureref{nonfatal}.
\item[\code{PROPERTIES}] Is mandatory for all package managers now
to support interactive installs.
- \item[\code{REPLACING\_VERSIONS} and \code{REPLACED\_BY\_VERSION}]
For corner cases in upgrade paths those variables can be defined
in \code{pkg\_*} functions to define a package version that is
replaced by or is the replacement for the current one.
@@ -224,9 +224,9 @@ nonetheless.
"\code{flag2? ( !flag1 )}".
\item[OR] If at least one USE flag out of many must be
activated on \code{flag1} use
- "\code{flag1? || ( flag2 flag3 \dots )}".
+ "\code{flag1? ( || ( flag2 flag3 \dots\ ) )}".
\item[XOR] To allow exactly one USE flag out of many use
- "\code{^^ ( flag1 flag2 \dots )}".
+ "\code{\textasciicircum\textasciicircum ( flag1 flag2 \dots\ )}".
See \featureref{required-use}.