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@@ -114,3 +114,23 @@ an empty installation image. Package managers rely on this for some
optimizations. Also QA tools make certain assumptions about virtuals,
e.g., that they must not assign the ``LICENSE`` variable (which would
be impossible if they installed any files).
+.. index::
+ pair: installed files; manpages
+Installation of manpages
+:PG: 0305
+:Source: QA
+:Reported: no
+Packages must not disable installing manpages via USE flags (e.g.
+``USE=man`` or ``USE=doc``). If upstream does not ship prebuilt
+manpages and building them requires additional dependencies,
+the maintainer should build them and ship along with the package.
+*Rationale*: Manpages are basic documentation for installed software.
+While additional dependencies are inconvenient for users, not building
+manpages is harmful. Including (optionally or unconditionally)
+prebuilt manpages is a good compromise.