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authorAdam Mills <adam@armills.info>2016-05-25 12:12:56 -0400
committerAlexander Berntsen <bernalex@gentoo.org>2016-05-27 10:22:48 +0200
commita91492450d86abb34bbd05ccaf0e60d8b1c973a0 (patch)
tree40684f532629d50e8646f2e1de5bf53d301adec7 /cnf
parentportage.util.configparser: Commonize portable config file reading routine (diff)
Revert "Colorize packages in user sets (bug 577720)"
This reverts commit 739845a6eab95fbc44eab1b7b938c860563631d7. The feature implemented in this commit for bug 577720 was determined to be an overcomplicated method of colorizing user sets. Instead, this feature will be implemented as in bug 583164. The configuration options implemented in this reverted commit will be removed. Per bug 583164, packages that belong to a set listed in world_sets will be colorized as world packages. This eliminates the extra configuration and associated complications. See bug 583164 for more details. Acked-by: Alexander Berntsen <bernalex@gentoo.org> Acked-by: Zac Medico <zmedico@gentoo.org Signed-off-by: Alexander Berntsen <bernalex@gentoo.org>
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diff --git a/cnf/sets/portage.conf b/cnf/sets/portage.conf
index e99062005..ac282d911 100644
--- a/cnf/sets/portage.conf
+++ b/cnf/sets/portage.conf
@@ -49,7 +49,6 @@ class = portage.sets.files.StaticFileSet
multiset = true
directory = %(PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT)setc/portage/sets
world-candidate = True
-user-set = True
# Set to rebuild all packages that need a preserved lib that only remains due
# to FEATURES=preserve-libs