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-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1'>
-<title>EAPI 4_pre1</title>
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-helpers'>
+<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4'>
+<title>EAPI 4</title>
+<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-helpers'>
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-helpers-removed-dohard-dosed'>
+<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-helpers-removed-dohard-dosed'>
<title>Removed dohard and dosed</title>
The dohard and dosed helpers from previous EAPIs are no longer available.
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-helpers-die-nonfatal'>
+<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-helpers-die-nonfatal'>
<title>All helpers die on failure</title>
All helpers now die automatically whenever some sort of error occurs.
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ Helper calls may be prefixed with the 'nonfatal' helper in order
to prevent errors from being fatal.
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-helpers-docompress'>
+<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-helpers-docompress'>
<title>Controllable Compression</title>
In EAPI 4, the package manager may optionally compress
@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ multiple times, if an item is a symlink, or if a file is already compressed.
The following commands may be used in src_install to alter these lists. It is
an error to call any of these functions from any other phase.
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-helpers-docompress-command'>
+<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-helpers-docompress-command'>
<title>docompress helper</title>
If the first argument is -x, add each of its subsequent arguments to the
@@ -68,27 +68,27 @@ exclusion list. Otherwise, add each argument to the inclusion list.
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-helpers-dodoc-r'>
+<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-helpers-dodoc-r'>
<title>dodoc -r</title>
The dodoc helper now has a -r option which enables recursion.
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-helpers-doins-newins-symlinks'>
+<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-helpers-doins-newins-symlinks'>
<title>doins and newins preserve symlinks</title>
The doins and newins helpers now preserve symlinks. In earlier EAPIs
symlinks are dereferenced rather than preserved.
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-helpers-doman-i18n-precedence'>
+<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-helpers-doman-i18n-precedence'>
<title>doman -i18n option takes precedence over filename language suffix</title>
When the doman helper is called with the -i18n option, this takes precedence
over the filename language suffix.
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-helpers-econf-disable-dependency-tracking'>
+<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-helpers-econf-disable-dependency-tracking'>
<title>econf adds --disable-dependency-tracking</title>
The econf helper now adds --disable-dependency-tracking to the
@@ -96,11 +96,11 @@ configure arguments.
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-metadata'>
+<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-metadata'>
- <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-metadata-dependencies'>
+ <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-metadata-dependencies'>
- <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-metadata-dependencies-rdepend-implicit-removed'>
+ <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-metadata-dependencies-rdepend-implicit-removed'>
<title>unset RDEPEND no longer triggers implicit setting</title>
When the RDEPEND variable is unset within an ebuild, it will remain
@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ configure arguments.
implicitly set to the value of DEPEND.
- <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-metadata-dependencies-use-defaults'>
+ <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-metadata-dependencies-use-defaults'>
<title>USE Dependency Defaults</title>
In a 3-style use dependency, the flag name may immediately be followed by a
@@ -133,12 +133,12 @@ configure arguments.
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-metadata-required-use'>
+<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-metadata-required-use'>
This new REQUIRED_USE metadata key is used to specify what USE flag combinations are disallowed for a specific pkg.
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-metadata-required-use-motivation'>
+<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-metadata-required-use-motivation'>
It's a semi common occurence that an ebuild may need to state that they disallow USE flags in specific combinations- either mysql or sqlite for example, but not both.
@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@ More importantly if the manager cannot know what the allowed USE states are for
Just as .sh scripts are considered a poor archival form due to their opaqueness, pkg_setup and pkg_pretend aren't a proper solution for this. pkg_pretend in particular makes the situation slightly worse due to ebuild devs being expected to convert their ebuilds to the pkg_pretend form when using EAPI4. In doing so they'll have to do work w/out the gains REQUIRED_USE provides and have to repeat the same conversion work when REQUIRED_USE lands in a later EAPI.
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-metadata-required-use-specification'>
+<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-metadata-required-use-specification'>
Essentially REQUIRED_USE is proposed to be an analog of DEPENDS style syntax- a list of assertions that must be met for this USE configuration to be valid for this ebuild. For example, to state "if build is set, python must be unset":
@@ -225,9 +225,9 @@ Finally, please note that this new metadata key can be set by eclasses, and the
- <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-phases'>
+ <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-phases'>
- <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-phases-pkg-pretend'>
+ <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-phases-pkg-pretend'>
<title>New pkg_pretend Phase Function</title>
The pkg_pretend function may be used to carry out sanity checks early on in the
@@ -246,7 +246,7 @@ Finally, please note that this new metadata key can be set by eclasses, and the
pkg_pretend must not write to the filesystem.
- <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-phases-src-install'>
+ <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-phases-src-install'>
<title>Default src_install no longer a no-op</title>
src_install() {
@@ -268,7 +268,7 @@ src_install() {
- <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-phases-s-workdir-fallback'>
+ <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-phases-s-workdir-fallback'>
<title>S to WORKDIR fallback restricted</title>
For any of the src_* phases that executes after src_unpack,
@@ -282,15 +282,15 @@ src_install() {
- <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-variables'>
+ <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-variables'>
- <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-variables-aa-kv-removed'>
+ <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-variables-aa-kv-removed'>
<title>AA and KV variables are no longer exported</title>
The AA and KV variables are no longer exported to the ebuild environment.
- <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-variables-merge-type'>
+ <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-variables-merge-type'>
The type of package that is being merged. Possible values are:
@@ -298,7 +298,7 @@ src_install() {
package, and "buildonly" if building a binary package without installing it.
- <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4_pre1-variables-replaced-versions'>
+ <section id='package-ebuild-eapi-4-variables-replaced-versions'>