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It makes heavy use of ambiguous terminology from EAPI 5-hdepend. Part of it talks about the targetroot USE flag, which we do not plan to formally adopt into PMS. Overall, it is more likely to confuse than help people. I thought about rewriting it but it is difficult to summarise this complex subject in a useful way. The wiki is probably a better place to write about it. Closes: https://github.com/gentoo/portage/pull/413 Signed-off-by: James Le Cuirot <chewi@gentoo.org> Signed-off-by: Zac Medico <zmedico@gentoo.org>
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Note that if any of the packages listed are already merged, the package manager
will use that to consider the dependency satisfied.
-.SS "Cross-compilation"
-Portage supports cross-compilation into a subdirectory specified by \fBROOT\fR.
-.B Host
-\fIHost\fR in this context means the platform hosting the build process, i.e.
-what autotools calls CBUILD.
-Its packages are contained in the root of the filesystem ("\fI/\fR").
-If \fBROOT\fR is "\fI/\fR", all dependency types will be installed there.
-Otherwise, for EAPIs that support \fBHDEPEND\fR (experimental
-\fBEAPI 5-hdepend\fR), only \fBHDEPEND\fR is installed into "\fI/\fR".
-For EAPIs that do not support \fBHDEPEND\fR, the behaviour is controlled by the
-\fI\-\-root-deps\fR flag to \fBemerge\fR(1), defaulting to install only
-\fBDEPEND\fR into the \fIhost\fR.
-.B Target
-\fITarget\fR refers to the platform that the package will later run on, i.e.
-what autotools calls CHOST.
-The directory housing this system is specified by \fBROOT\fR.
-If it is different from "\fI/\fR", i.e. \fIhost\fR and \fItarget\fR are not the
-same, this variable contains the path to the directory housing the \fItarget\fR
-For EAPIs that support \fBHDEPEND\fR (experimental \fBEAPI 5-hdepend\fR),
-list the \fItarget\fR dependencies, i.e. those to be installed into \fBROOT\fR.
-For EAPIs that do not support \fBHDEPEND\fR, the \fBemerge\fR(1) flag
-\fI\-\-root-deps\fR controls what the package manager installs there.
-Without it, \fBemerge\fR defaults to install only runtime dependencies (i.e.
-\fBRDEPEND\fR and \fBPDEPEND\fR) into \fBROOT\fR.
-See section \fBVARIABLES\fR for more information about the \fBDEPEND\fR,
-\fBRDEPEND\fR and \fBHDEPEND\fR variables.
-.B The targetroot USE flag
-For EAPIs that support the "\fItargetroot\fR" USE flag, that flag is
-automatically enabled by the package manager if \fIhost\fR and \fItarget\fR
-system are not the same, i.e. if the \fBROOT\fR is not "\fI/\fR".
-This is necessary where the package to be built needs an executable copy of
-itself during the build process.
-A known example is dev-lang/python, which needs to run a Python interpreter
-during compilation.
.B Usage Notes